Quest: The Abandoned - Stuck

Hey all, I was hoping to get a little assistance. I’m a little stuck on the quest “The Abandoned” in the Shadowy Forest of Transilvania.

I was lead to a puzzle, where I need to input a word but I’m unsure where to look for a clue on what to put in. I’ve looked online and the only info on this quests I can find is for The Secret World, and it looks like Legends has a different version so their walkthrough doesn’t really work here. Any help would be appreciated.

The Abandoned is the same in SWL as it was in TSW, except for some very minor wording changed (Gordian Knot to Gaian Knot for whatever reason…)

Anyhow, there isn’t any need to input letters anywhere in the quest. Sounds like you ended up in the wrong spot.

I’m seconding Starsmith here… I’m working three characters through Shadowy Forest right now, so you could say I’m kinda familiar with the missions at the moment.

Only place I can think of where you need to input a word is part of the story mission, where you spell out the word ‘life’ in Romanian (viaţă), at the fountain of the Water of Life. It is unrelated to the mission ‘The Abandoned’ at all.

You should use spoiler tags.

Sorry, forgot. I thought about omitting the information entirely, but didn’t want to in case it was relevant to where they were stuck.

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Thanks, TeaThief and Starsmith, that sounds about right. I must have crossed the streams somewhere while working on The Abandoned and ended up on the next part of the story questline. The story quest likely updated as I crossed a relevant point and it switched to it automatically without me realizing. Thanks so much! Teach me to try doing an investigation mission while tired. >.<