Littles suggestions

Except the difficulty aspect of the game that is not necessarily at the rendezvous once HL, I allow myself to propose some suggestions:

  • would it be possible to put mini-bosses in the dungeons, which would increase the interest to make them. At the present time some ordinary monster keep the place and we find ourselves in front of a single boss. Which is a shame because the dungeons remain a very interesting point of the EVP.
  • Another aspect, in the southern zone of the map there is the sand storm, which is very good for the immersion, but would it be possible to do the equivalent for the Nordic zone (snowstorm with strong fall of the temperatures ??)
  • The purges are really a very good idea, but they remain very easy (even with difficulty level 6). Could they end with the arrival of a “boss” last wave?
  • agriculture as it is now is not really interesting (it is faster to harvest in nature than to grow). It can also be explained by the fact that when we grow plants we will never get a seed.
  • would it be possible to have a priest / great priest Derketo naked that could enslave somewhere on the map? (or so many of us have missed it)

Level of administration would it be possible:

  • give the possibility to make occasional announcements
  • to allow to destroy all the structures of a clan on all the map without having to look for them
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agreed, good ideas, but as for the plants, if you grow them i know instead of getting like 2 or 6 from picking them, in a plant you got about 60 allow. depending on server settings