Compiled Minor Suggestions

  • Suggestion: Make the Tower of Bats actually do something at midnight! The lore sets it up!
  • Suggestion: Make simultaneous attacks that trigger the metal on metal sound do no damage and act as a parry or do less damage… that would add another layer to melee combat.
  • Suggestion: Make Black Ice structures decay faster than normal in hot environments (this would at least partially throttle PvP difficulty in the starting regions)
  • Suggestion: Add puzzles where I use my torch attack button to light a set of braziers/sconces/lamps/ring of black candles
  • Suggestion: Add dungeon entry where a bat creature grabs me with its talons, flies me high up into the air, and when I bite its foot at the right moment it deposits me on the ledge of a high spire at the dungeon’s entrance!
  • Suggestion: Religion specific dungeon entrances triggered by the pray emote of a player of the right religion and of a certain religious tech level (us Yoggites just might have to barter with that player who is a Mitra follower after all!)
  • Suggestion: Add a Desert Caravan timed event that travels to Sepermaru, stays there for a while to replenish Sepermaru merchant NPCs at a faster rate, and leaves at a certain server day/time only knowable by talking to NPCs, of high difficulty and relatively high reward if the players kill the guards and merchants (unique recipe, unique lore, etc.) (cron job that starts every in-game day that uses a RNG to get a random float, and if that float is below a certain value, update a flag for certain grouped NPCs in Sepermaru that adds a speech line into the rotation hinting at the arrival time of the caravan)
  • Quality of Life (QOL) Suggestion: As a dedicated Yoggite I would like to be able to make my Yoggite spear in the wild, that way if all my weapons are broken I can quickly make something better than a stone implement.
  • Quality of Life (QOL) Suggestion: With repair hammer let me see if a certain ceiling tile can’t place an adjacent one because of inadequate support (EDIT: I think this is implemented, didn’t know that!)
  • Quality of Life (QOL) Suggestion: I have several thralls in my base but it is a very quiet place… add sentences to these mutes! Where are the lamentations of the thralls?
  • Overall Suggestion: Sepermaru was an awesome sight to behold, but was very empty despite everything that was there. I would love if Sepermaru had unique things only attained there in the city with coin to give players a reason to journey there a second time.
  • Overall Suggestion: As an avid Robert E. Howard reader, ABSOLUTELY continue to walk the line of quality-of-life improvements vs. handholding like you all have been. This game is extremely satisfying to play because of the challenges it presents… Keep it up! This is Conan Exiles, not Baby Exiles! :slight_smile:

I like the caravan idea. If no t a game feature, maybe a modder can work one up.

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This rant is not directed at the OP, it’s just a general rant, because of the mention of Black Ice in hot areas.

I wish I could figure out what the fascination is with black ice?

It’s not meant for the dessert at all, it’s just tier 3 with a warming buff for cold areas.
It’s actually bad for your character to be in a black ice building in a hot area,
But the temperature system is so nerfed no one even notices anymore.

Reinforced Stone is exactly the same as black ice, exactly, same Hit Points, same damage mitigation, just as easy if not easier to make, but no warming buff.

I think they should crank up the temperature system again, and have black ice melt in the dessert.
and crank up fall damage again so falling from height could actually be a climbing deterrent, in an archer protected area.

Literally agree with everything everyone said in this entire post…minus the being carried by a bat and biting it to get to a dungeon bit…


I’ve actually never built black ice, I just thought it was the highest tier building therefore the strongest. I would also like to see the temperature system become meaningful again!

I have suggestions. For ps4 I own a server BERSERK CONAN SO LOL I love the game. Been waiting for it since I heard they were making it. I think it could be the best game ever with a few minor changes and one major one. Hear me out. 1. L2 counter attack at right time 2. L3 for ducking 3. Triangle for a grab, pushing or throwing move if close and L2 will also counter that. That would just make the game so much more fun in PvP and pve. 4. Better customization meaning scars on face one eye or blind whatever. Color hair with 2 dif colors more hairstyles. 5 capes please capes lol those are minor. And the major change would be better dungeons and every boss should have a dungeon. Not walk in and death. Traps spikes pedulums mirrors etc . And I’m not greedy I don’t need a new map but youbgot to have like 3 more biomes. Ships. And more merchants smarter npcs meaning they would.counter too, and if u bring out the mounts and pet animals I bet everyone would stay on this game forever lol that is the perfect game. And my friend deals woth this stuff and said with the counter and throw system is just as easy as customization. But we need it for ps4 please here me devs. I pray to you please all you guys I know on this forum understand please get this message to right channels I seriously don’t want to play anymore games lol this is my dream game. Lol


You waited for this game and haven’t even got a PC within all these years? That’s nuts.
Some of things you mentioned are in the game like traps and spikes.
And you can go into the setup and reassign buttons.

Agreed with the world bosses being on plain sight is kinda funky.

But because this game has console releases I doubt they will implement “real” mount systems anytime soon.
Lesser machines cannot handle the object streaming(loading) of this size with that speed well… Or maybe the game engine choice was bad for it. I like cryengine user games better. They run smoother for me at least.

Ships I’d like too. I have built some non functional ones in shallow waters, but still using these babies would be awesome.

Also jungle biome and volcano area is not even finished… So new biomes? later maybe, but I’d like more variety for sure.

@droch-aon Grinding for T3 reinforced bricks is a chore compared to just make one run in farming spec to the temple of frost…
So that’s why ppl use that ugly ■■■■ more. Much more faster to make it in numbers.
Well ofc someone might like black walls… But I would like to see less basic material costs for bricks.
And bet that act would make reinforced stonebrick more viable if they were balanced in therms of grind.

Rep-Hammer do have that feature you can see stability already. Everything above 20 can support another piece.
And awesome idea with that caravan and talking thralls. I’d suggest something a lot of ppl already asked for. the ability to gear worker thralls either not just dancers/fighters/archers/bearers… Also to have them assigned to chairs even for decos or just a plain emote they playing from time to time.

Bat grab… well that’s too specific. would be cool, but only in the first time. And lets face it… dungeons are getting farmed more than once for the materials you need to make/maintain those weapons/armors…etc you gained from them.

Reinforced stone, is/was easier to make than Black Ice.
this thread is two months old.

spiders were easy to kill when archery didn’t suck, and ichor was a by-product of farming silk.
reapers dropped ichor too. ichor could also be gotten from fish traps and a press,
fiber was very easy to obtain before the specialty tool influx happened, and the fiber plants stopped giving fiber. it’s still easy just requiring a scythe now instead of a pick.

I don’t know if it requires more grinding now, I no longer play this game because of the archery debacle combined with 2000+ hours game fatigue.

I plan to return at some point,
happy gaming to you :slight_smile:

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Yeah years lol I am going to get pc. But I like ps4 cause exclusive games and because I always seem to get some kind of virus lol but you dint think we should get counter attacks and throw button?

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I played Assassin’s Creed too :smiley:
Yes I pretty much like that control style and options to have active (time sensitive) blocking/dodging and COUNTER ATTACK possibility. You still have it here but needs some practice because of the more “freestyle” nature. For example when you fight with a 2 hander weapon wielder and he/she makes the heavy first attack he/she will have a small pause so use a sidestep to “dodge” the blade and light attack him/her after than a dodge roll before he/she can follow on with his/her combo.
Or hammer wielders you need to dodge dodge dodge while he/she finish his/her combo and than you have time to start killing him/her.

OR alternatively use daggers and be proactive to stagger the heck out of them.

So you have options but not as “easy” as in AC or other games like that.

Do the devs read what we are saying? Cause it would be amazing if they just put all that we requested but a counter and what u said. I mean it started off with just point click that’s it spam attacks now we have the combat system that just need a party or a counter it would be amazing please dev gods hear me lol

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