New Suggestions List

1: NPCs like Rocknoses, Skeletons, and the statues of Dagon in the Palace of the Witch Queen not affected by bleed
2: Clothes start to tear when durability is low

They aren’t

3: Enhanced Spices: Crush Brimstone in the grinder to get Brimstone Powder. Have a recipe near the boss, but not exactly near it, in Shattered Springs. Have a leather journal lying on the ground near the shore where it’s not submerged in water so people don’t miss it.
This’ll unlock the recipe in the stove to put spices and Brimstone powder along with food, or with Purified Water. What’d you think?
4: Interact with untamed wildlife around the world as you would with anything else to see their diet before your capture a baby and tame them.

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Note: Brimstone Spices can’t be learned without learning Steel tools because you need a Sandstorm mask to safely harvest the Brimstone.

5: Be able to see your thralls following you on your map

6: For admin mode (in single player), when bumping up the number of feats is you can unlock everything, give us an option to type in a certain amount of points to unlock feats, and just get everything without having to press A for twenty minutes at a time to get enough points.

7: Scary music plays before, during, and after a sandstorm.
8: Sandbeasts sometimes run amok during sandstorms.
9: Sandstorms gradually affect your outfit’s durability


10: Have separate tabs in the menu to transition between different building types.
• Building pieces
• Crafting stations
• Hand Crafted
and etc.

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11: Be able to deconstruct metals.
Hardened Steel > Steel > Iron

12: Ice Pickaxes for Ymir religion because the Hatchet doesn’t really hit the hitboxes when the corpses are on the ground.

6, 8, 9 and 10 yes… the rest… no no no no no…

music not needed for sandstorm…

point 5 the thralls, not needed… it would also over crowd the map with pointless icons, IF its just for the ones following this is pointless, as pointed out they will be to close to even see on the map.

Plus when you die they stop following you and their icon would not be shown any more.

Point 4, well this is a common sense thing, if you see a hyena its gonna eat meat and so forth.

point 2 would take up to much resources to keep track of every single person and all the armor etc and while it would be a nice visual to see your armor getting damaged is not needed. I would rather the resources go towards other things that is more important.

point 1, they dont…

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скажите пожалуйста что нужно чтобы появилась Мумия - кольца ? Все пробовал а её нет и браслет можно снять при 6 артефактах а не 7

I’m not sure

13: I’d like to clarify a point I made in this post already. Sorting through main menu in different categories.
On Xbox, you can use the Left Dialog stick to switch between different categories, but what I just thought of, is you can go through the categories and it’ll cancel out the other selections not relevant to the category.
Like if you’re looking for weapons, you won’t find building pieces showing up.

The same problem I have described in my post also.

I urge every (console-) player to describe the issues with the menu here. The hope is that the more you comment on the problem, the sooner it will be resolved.


I love the first time the sand storm caught me unaware :scream: as I was then legging it for my life a clawing at rocks to climb However it would be nice to be able to Place items e.g. bells, wind turners that would warn you about the storm (the bells in game don’t work :disappointed:)

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14: Epic Wildlife Spawns Head Trophies

15: Sorcery Suggestions (So Far): Resurrection
Heat Shield
Frost Shield
Healing (HP and Corruption)

16: Disable friendly Fire
17: Thralls attacks aren’t interrupted when you accidentally attack them

If playing on a private and i believe in admin tab for SP, there is a setting to pretty much get rid of damage to friendly. But you might still agro on them.