Newbie OOC max level increase?

With the Newbie OOC channel, we have a global chat channel for everyone of our side on RK2019. It’s been a great way to help returning players and true newbies with questions and a great place for social chatter as well.

The max level of this channel is 30, which means when the level cap gets raised today, most of us will lose access. I would like to suggest to raise the max level :heart:


agreed, or just make the normal OOC global.

and friggen do it on the old server too, lol.


Yeah this would be nice!

And why not make the Shopping channels global as well while we’re at it? :smiley:


agreed on shopping channel too.



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Good Idea. probably need to expand the “ignore list” to a few thousand. I think it’s a measly 1k iirc.

Agreed. Population is probably low enough to make it practical. I can see keeping the tiered chats but have a global chat as well. I bet most folks keep that active even if they aren’t always looking at it and chatting there.

+1 for making the normal OOC channels AND the shopping channels global. No need to increase the newb OOC lvl limit imho.

And same for the old server as well.

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i would appreciate a global channel for all levels.
would greatly help in rk/sl/le content later too.
but i’m a bit afraid it isn’t as trivial as it sounds…

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Would appreciate this

Global chat ftw!! Any who don’t want simply don’t subscribe to it. Giev us the phats j00!

Definitely need some form of global OOC, whether by faction or truly global.

There are a) a lot of “new/returned” players and lots of questions to be asked at a very specific amount of levels. We do have global trade, which is fine, but OOC would be very helpful to new players.

We have asked for a global OOC for like 10 years. If they haven’t done it now than they probably never will. Unless they read my post and realize the error of their ways/forgotten and want to enable a global OOC than I will concede.

Dont hold your breath just because you asked for something sensible. FC has a track record of doing things that dont make sense.

While it can be totally understandable from a player perspective that not providing a global chat doesn’t make any sense, from a customer service perspective it can. Global chats can quickly devolve into negative stuff, and increase petition volume as trolls go into things that can cross the line with our policies.

Chat groups with a smaller reach are less likely to have this happen, and keep things more positive.

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The global newbie OOC channel seem to have worked fine though? Even when the lvl cap was lvl 30 and every single placer on the server had access to it.

But AO has an ignore function…

Well, from a customer service perspective aren’t there steps to mitigate such things? Maybe enable the global chat on accounts that have at least 1 220. Maybe add a chat filter? Maybe add various global chat channels? Maybe add a level requirement (seriously, level 1-30 dudes talking about politics and god knows what else would make no one use it).

There is always an alternative, its a matter of the developer to do something about it if they have the time and resources which we all know FC doesn’t have for AO.

As I said, AO has an ignore feature. When an ignore feature exists, bullying or anything of the sort is not an issue.

Isn’t it a bit weird to restrict a MMO so that you aren’t exposed to other players?

I agree that I really get annoyed at idiots a lot of the time, but the existence of the global channel really helped a lot of people.

Avoiding trolling is understandable, but also kind of unavoidable in reality.

why not just copy lightnet? have a global channel, but put a 30 minute timer on saying anything. I find that timer on lightnet forces people to really pick and choose what they want to ‘spend’ their one chance per 30 minutes to speak.

AND/OR? also make it cost credits to speak in the global channel - creating a new money sink(which the game can definitely use) and forcing players to do a cost/benefit analysis before speaking in the channel. I vaguely remember playing one MMO with a global channel that cost money to broadcast on. that would limit people to using the channel for trading/selling/serious group finding.

I don’t think one player would mind putting up with a troll here and there(that they can just IGNORE) if we got a global channel out of it, I am betting most players would agree that a global channel would be more useful than harmful. probably one issue the community would get behind unilaterally unlike the multiboxing issue or the level caps on rk2019(lol)

pretty please reconsider!