Night-Stalkers Mask Invalid night vision effect

Not wearing Night-Stalkers Mask

Wear Night-Stalkers Mask

It is darker to wear

I don’t feel that the mask, the potion or the powder ‘of nightvision’ have any use.

I run on gamma 3.0 constantly. This is because the game is mostly too dark. On gamma 3.0 you are already getting the effect of these utilities.

If nightvision did something other than shift gamma up to 3.0 then I’d use them rather than shift gamma up to 3.0. Maybe I might enjoy a more rich and textured landscape at gamma 1.4 too.

Yeah, it would be pretty cool if the mask or potion of ‘nightvision’ outlined living enemies (and animals) in red or even made them a red silhouette to be spotted easier.

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This outline ability would work PERFECTLY with the Night-stalkers mask. It fits so well.

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