Night Time mode or bug?

For some reason it looks like my screen changes to nighttime on occasion. I can not figure out what causes it. I want to attach a screenshot, but I am a new user on the forum and not allowed to upload anything yet. All the menus and everything else has full color… but the game area seems faded. How do I fix that?

There is a day night cycle tied to the wave counter if am not mistaking.
It shouldn’t cause trouble in a sense of visibility or change something drastically.

What exactly are you experiencing with it?
It should just change the lightning slightly in the game itself.

I thought it was night time mode myself when I first saw it. But my friend who also plays, says it never happens to him when I showed him a screen shot, so I dont know. If it is night time mode, it doesnt really hurt visibility, but it does make the game less enjoyable to play.

Hey @Boomerang,

As @Gaudioom points out, it sounds like what your experiencing is the day/night cycle. For the most part when playing Unconquered Mode (Solo or Co Op), the Day/Night cycle should start at Dawn lighting, then transition to a new lighting Day on the third wave.

So Wave:
(1, 2) Dawn
(3, 4) Day
(5, 6) Dusk
(7, 8) Night
(9, 10) Dawn

  • NOTE There are 4 Different Sandstorms each associated with its own time of day.
  • FURTHER NOTE Scenario maps will start at other time besides Dawn