Nightvision potion

Plz implement night vision potions in2 the game. Nightime is the worst

YES do this, I don’t care if you need a thrall even to craft it. I tend to climb a wall or hide until its light out, on pvp torches attract everyone and their friends lol

Noobs will be noobs I guess… :man_facepalming:

It sounds a little unreal, to be honest, but oh well :smile:

I wouldn’t mind a night vision potion, but I kinda of like how dark it gets. I grumble about having to pull out my torch, but that’s just what you do when its dark as [insert expletive] outside. I play on a PvE server, but I understand that in PvP your torchlight would act as a beacon to attract all manner of evil moths.

There are tattoos and potions in game that give you more physical strength, why is it unrealistic to believe that you could create a potion to magnify your eyesight for short periods? We have night vision eyewear IRL so why not give people the option to craft a headpiece that gives night vision, that way they can wear it at night at the cost of whatever protection and attributes their normal headpiece provides and it would act similar to how you use the sandstorm mask for gas and the like.

I think the torches are in the game for a very specific reason though. And considering the age and time where this game’s action is placed, I do think that torches are the best answer in game.

I know they could attract other players in PVP, but believe me, they won’t need your torch to find you, be that sooner or later. It’s pretty bad when you have to climb walls during night time, but we can always wait for day time, or find other routes.

Plus it’s much more atmospheric when you enter a dark cave, to pull up a torch. It makes you feel you’re in hostile territory, and actually the exile lands are like that. Hostile.