Nine Swords 9th Anniversary Celebrations!

Nine Swords was founded in The Secret World on the 29th June, 2012. This year we are incredibly excited to have reached our NINTH anniversary - and not only because of the nine theme.

We will be hosting a slew of events from the 19th June 2021, continuing to the end of MEGAversary 4.
If you are interested in taking part in any of the community events we are running, keep your eyes on the Looking for Group channel for shout outs, or check out the calendar at (Both 9S Anniversary events and MEGAVersary events will be posted there)

A party will also be hosted by us, and supported by DJ Drina of Happy Tentacle Radio.
So, SAVE THE DATE!! [Saturday, 3. July 2021, 18:00UTC]

Hope to see lots of you there!


This is today! Hoping to see lots of you celebrating with us.
We will be in the Rooted Groove in Agartha from 18:00-20:00 UTC with DJ Drina