No Bat Skin anymore?

Is Bat Skin not a thing anymore?
Since the update, all I ever get from skinning a Bat is meat, bone, and…FEATHERS… because we all don’t have enough feathers…

Is this intended or a major Bug?

Sorry if it’s been brought up before.


I think you should stay away from bats. They carry nasty diseases!

Now more seriously:
1 are you sure you are talking about a bat and not one of these demonic bird thingies? (Just checking)
2 best way to check if a bug was reported, or to report it, is the bug section of the forum (which in your case I think should be “Xbox discussion”
Good luck!

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Yes I am talking the Demonic Bat like creatures that live upnorth in the Caves that always gave Batskins.

I play both on Xbox and Playstation.
Both used to give Batskin before the 2.3 upgrade.

Thanks :blush:

those are harpies aka children of jil, and definitely feathered
daemonic bats live in UC Aviary


Go to the bats in the city of the dead, there in the south east corner you will find real bats that give bat skin even after the updates. Hope that helps

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Then I guess they patched it… as far as i remember they give feathers and hollow bone arrows on PC. Probably the bat skin was unintended (like so many things in the game)

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I can now confirm that you can indeed still get Bat Skin off the Bats in the UDC found at the Aviary!

There is for sure now a difference between Bats and the Harpies up North!

Thanks everyone!

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