No conection to Funcom Live Services

A lot of my frinds and i we cant conect to the Funcom Live Services.
And if you then get a connection to the services again, you’ll be thrown out pretty quickly and have the problem again that no connection can be established.

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Oh we’re doing this again are we? Thanks for another fun weekend Funcrom!

Same. Rebooting twice and tried closing twice no luck.

Funcom fix it! Items we bought on your digital store are no longer accessible………….

Other friends are complaining of the same thing to I was hoping it just might be a router that’s causing an issue, but the other people are scattered all over the world so it’s an issue

PlayStation also affected.

Same here on PC.

Once again funcom says they won’t do stuff like this and yet here it is a couple weeks after them saying such in their last live stream and the screw it again

It’s back but now can’t use stuff I bought on the bazaar!!!

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