No Events in Single Player

My single player is no longer getting any events added at each update. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Off hand, Sorc Capture Event is back, and Only Grave Matters seems to Spawn. (I have yet to see any of other locations get there events)

Summoning Place(at main gate), Pirate Bay (outside false ship) and Cursed Mound. For Grave Matters.

Gotten them near back to back (not same location) check those 3 spots.


I missed out on the last update as well. Xbox does the download but nothing changes. Been trying to find out why but i can’t get an answer. I don’t want to have to start a whole new game, i like my save and i’m para that all my battlepass stuff will just disappear, this game can do annoying stuff like that. Hope we find a fix soon

Because nothing has really changed. All they did was add the sorcerer caravans back in.

But that’s the problem the caravans aren’t there. Nothing new since before the sacred hunt has been added. I can’t access anything because nothing is there. Game updated but is still the same

Clear your cache. Also try loading onto an alternate server first before loading up single player. So, spend 5 minutes on Isle of Siptah in single player with the exact same character from Exiled Lands (you can switch between maps freely on SP), or load up literally any other server, Check any known spawn point, then go back to your EL SP game and recheck

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There’s a Caravan near where Conan is hanging out. I’ll send a screenshot or two if you need the exact position

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I tried loading a regular online server when the sacred hunt was acting up. I could use it on other servers but my single player one i’ve had for ages still wouldn’t change when i went back. Not tried it this time though. Are the spawn points the same as they were in age of sorcery or have they cut down how many there are?

Is deleting cache when you go into the settings on the xbox menu, into system, storage, clear local saved games? If not where is that and what does it actually do, will i be deleting things from other games?

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