No fix for the PAID DLC Architect of Argos DLC bed in this update

No fix for the PAID DLC Architect of Argos DLC bed in this update // as you can see still broken.

Understand that some fixes are not in the test live build because they are actively working on those. Meaning they had a team do the new build, and not test live has it, and so do the bug fixers. I have seen other non “high” priority fixes not in the test live make it with the patch, because over the 2-3 week life of the test live run, they were fixed and “added” when they went live. Even though it is a bug, tbh, this is very much aesthetic only, and not very many people log off on the beds. IT is purely an RP decision. as there is no benefit in game. So my guess is it will be fixed when higher end items are fixed. Hell it may be so simple that they can just make a few numbers adjustments, and add it to the patch during the final testing time before release. So patience. Let us see if it is not in the go live, and not start new thread on the same bugs they have listed already.

Its a paid DLC and its been 3 weeks with no fix so I guess I figured it would be fixed in this patch so this is a reminder to fix it before it goes out to the full game and no benefit other then its a paid dlc that is broken.

I understand, but there are other posts on this. Just suggesting creating new threads on a known issue doesn’t catch the attention as mush as “bumping” one where they have responded, because it will pop up on their notices of current converstaions.