No in game audio

Hi, I hear the two beats of the drum as the game launcher starts but in game there’s no sound. I’ve tried Audio Options > Troubleshoot, audio off and on but that hasn’t worked. Rebooting doesn’t fix it. All other audio is working, TS, webpages etc.

I’ve noticed in the Volume Mixer in Systray, Age of Conan is not in there. There’s System Sounds, Firefox and Teamspeak. I assume the game would normally be listed in there too.

How can I fix this?

Did it stop working recently? Or has it never worked

I had a similar issue recently, on one of my computers: audio was running fine on speakers, but on the headset i could only hear the sound of the patcher, but it was muted when the game started.
In the end, the problem was with the windows mixer. I don’t remember exactly what I did however.

It’s always worked, it just happened for the first time last night and nothing I did fixed it. I’ve since rescanned the game files and am about to try it.