Strange audio glitch

I’ve been playing on a Win10 laptop with an Xbox 1 wired controller through Pinnacle Game Profiler and the game runs great.

Since the last Win10 patch Ive lost game audio on the laptop’s speakers. Nothing else has changed. Game audio plays fine through headphones and through HDMI connection to my tv, and the laptop speakers play other audio both streaming from the web and from media files on the hard drive. But I can’t get any game sound out of the laptop’s speakers.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hey coeurl14

Before anything, can you specify the game you are playing =)? Unfortunately we have a lot of Conan Exiles players getting lost and ending up on Secret World Legends forum. That aside you might have better luck asking around on google, but hopefully someone here can help you ^^

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Yes I’m on SWL full client.

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Oh god…I thought it was another Conan Exiles post. My bad…how do I undo that…

It’s fine, I got you :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you know if you have the same sound problem in other games?

It’s the only game of this complexity I play, but Tetris comes through ok.

I’m sure you prolly checked a lot of these but just to be safe.

  • Is the sound turned on in the game.
  • Is the sound turned on in the Volume Mixer on the computer.

Other things you can check is

  • Are your sound drivers up to date
  • Does your speakers appear disabled when in game, or does another sound device appear active that shouldn’t be.

also might be relevant

  • Are you playing in Fullscreen or Window mode
  • Are you playing on Dx11 or Dx9?

Try going in to your speaker settings and finding the option for “Loudness Equalization”; turn it on if it’s off. I had something very similar happen to me; turns out the Windows update screwed around with my audio settings.

YESSS! Nailed it! Thanks all! Reinstalling the audio driver was the key, as pointed out both here and on the quite useful Reddit forum. Turns out it’s a common glitch with the annoyingly prescriptive windows 10 update that also resets many of your defaults arbitrarily.

For anyone who has the same problem, go to Device Manager, open the list of devices and toward the bottom open the audio sub-list, Right click each audio program and chose re-install drivers and then choose something like “find online.” If it tells you the driver you have is fine, add the additional step of uninstalling the driver and then installing it the same way Then restart.

Appreciate all the help!

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