No sound through speaker or wired headphones

Alright, so this has been an issue for a little while now. When I’m playing the game, and only when playing the game, I can only hear sound when I have wireless headphones on. Speakers alone, silence. Wired headphones, silence. Other games I play have no issue, youtube has no issue, only SWL has this issue. Also, I have to turn on my headphones before loading the game, or else silence.

And I just confirmed the same issue in TSW even, not that I expect anything to be done for TSW.

I have had this before also, on this game and Age of Conan, funnily enough. Not sure what caused it, but I got around it by disabling in windows every sound source that I didn’t want before going into game. It was a pain but it worked for me. Even more strangely this issue went away on it’s own after a while.

My speakers are connected to my onboard sound and my headphones are USB Corsairs which do their own thing…

I don’t know how to go about that. As for how long it’s been going on for me, months. Like half a year, plus.

Seems I had the same issue Skyh had. Shutting down Alienware Sound Center fixed the problem for me. Don’t know why having it run would cause an issue though.

No idea myself; I just assumed that it was the game engine having issues choosing what was the default sound source so I made it really easy by giving it a choice of one :slightly_smiling_face: .

Still happens for me in AoC, but the issue eventually just went away in TSW and SWL.