Audio issues/No audio in game

Hello. I have a issue with audio in game. When I arrive on the first little screen at the end of the charging/maj mode, I have sound. Then, when i come on the front page, the character selection and the game itself i Have no more sounds or music…I try all options in the audio parameters and the 3 options in “dépannage audio” but nothing change the situation. What can I do because sounds and music are very important in all games but in secret world legends specially for the mood. Thx for a solution

Have you try right click the volume icon in taskbar, click open volume mixer, and turn up volume for SWL?

I have an issue with ingame sound when I have 2 audio devices selected for my computer (i.e. both speakers and headphones active). I have to deactivate one, so that it only uses the other because there is no way in game to say which device you want to specifically use :slight_smile: maybe that will help you?