Anyway to remove startup client sounds?


When anyone click Secret World Legends client, is there somehow a way to remove sounds?

If you’re running Windows 10 or 11: After the ‘Ready!’ sound triggers the SWL launcher will shows up on the list of apps creating sound; if you mute it there the system should remember and automatically mute it next time you start the game.

My point here is i do otherstuff with my computer than just play this game… have to work.
Funcom has super crappy client that does not work properly with VPNs so i have to relaunch client all the time. The sound that comes out is way too loud and i’d rather disable it for good. Note only for SWL launcher client…there is no ‘app list’. Win10x64

Hmm. I wasn’t running 10 long but i thought it had Sound Manager too. Something to look forward to when you upgrade! I’m not familiar with any other way to disable that sound.

There’s only :\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RtkNGUI64.exe which is “Realtek audio manager”… cannot do that with that one…

SWL Client is most idiotic client ever coded…seems it’s 20 years old version… lol
Does’t fill ‘modern’ requirements

Here’s what I’m talking about looks like:

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Ty, finally managed to fix it: to use it: click windows key + I, then search for “sound volume mixer”

This is for Win10x64


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