No info about equipped arrows in statistics

no info about equipped arrows in statistics. only from bow

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Thank you for your report. We’ll forward the information over to our team for investigation.

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i believe that is what the “11” damage is from but its lower then the statistic on the arrow which is weird and deceptive. arrows have always (save for one patch) have done less damage then intended i have noticed. the one time it wasn’t, people were walking around pvp servers one shotting each other with just crafted bows and arrows.

no, this is agility weapon bonus dmg from armor

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dam, i didnt realize i thought that damage would be calculated after the fact.

add plz that dmg from items (buffs\equipmant) scales only from bow, without arrows. Dmg from weapon for bows should be bow+arrow dmg.
for now melee weapons can have 70-100+ dmg, so buffs and armor can give them a lot of dmg (50+)

so u can 2 shot some players.

when best bow without arrows can have only 35. so with armor and buffs bow have only ~30 dmg form items.

so i think its right, if weapon dmg for bow will be 35+20 (from arrows too)
so buffs will be have some meaning for archers.

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