No khaitan bed in the paid DLC culture pack

No khaitan bed in the paid DLC culture pack, yet two Stygian beds in base game?

Made stranger in the apparent new culture dlc they have a bed?

Can you please add a fold up floor mattress in korean/Japanese style? I’m sure it wouldn’t take long and it simply makes sense for the dlc …


agree. might be good to have.

That would make sense, but I think Funcom devs have so much in their hands I dont belive they can make any improvements in the DLC

I’ve been eyeballing the DLC for a bit now. Building pieces, armor, weapons are covered. There are tables, lanterns, a brazier, a chair, a bench, a carpet and a tapestry…but not a bed and I do find that a bit odd.

Everything else seems to have a Khitan counterpart besides maybe a wall lantern and a rice paper divider/ interior wall segment. I think it would be nice to have a bed at least to complete the furniture set. Maybe some nice porcelain kitchenware? Silky house robe? Just throwing some ideas out there.

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Maybe they just sleep on the ground :rofl: haha… just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, would be nice if you could add a inside wall and floor on top of the foundations and ceiling :thinking:

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Would be a cool addition.

They are literally making a new DLC as we speak.

No Khitan cupboard just the classic.


Let’s face it… The most missing thing is a Khaitan Armor stand :exploding_head:

I know right… We do need some nice place to store our armor when jumping naked in to bed :blush:
even if it a double bed :stuck_out_tongue:

ps: still waiting for the dirty female thrall setting… :hugs:

Bed would have been nice along with rice paper walls and bamboo.


When first reading the post, the first thought that popped into my head was “Use a bedroll”. But you’re correct, a small floor mattress thingymajigger would have a slightly more refined look to it for an aesthetics perspective.

I was totally expecting some rice paper walls and bamboo flooring as a t1 alternative, not just t3…

I just raided a dude who had 100± of each Khitan piece in his vault, and it occurred to me there was no bed. That would be really great, considering I’m going to be dressing up my palaces now. We used to make beds in the Arties’ Bench, so I figure it should be doable. Good call, OP.

98 cat statues to go.

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Yes we need more of the big beds in the appropriate cultures please.

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I think they just overlooked it. They’ll probably get to it, especially with how much attention this is getting.

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I would also suggest a Khitan Style water well and especially a Khitan Style throne. As a coming emperor of the great Khitan empire I don’t want to sit on the same throne like every other dude on the server :innocent: