No more building defenses

Tell that to God, maybe he’ll change nature for you. That would have been a nice change when some years ago lightning hit my neighbor’s 2-story mud & wood house and blew the guts of her TV out all over the room leaving everything else in perfect condition - well except the TF-555 phone router I just paid $30K to prototype - which was in my mud and wood house next door. :stuck_out_tongue:

In modern houses there is inside wiring all over the house inside walls. The lightning melted all metals that were connected to each other (read every appliance and electronics that was plugged in at the moment of strike). That’s not the case for the houses built of stone, wood and black ice :slight_smile:

How do you know? Do you even know what black ice is? Maybe it’s a conductive high-carbon material. That would do it…

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