No more building defenses

So there i was, building a base like i have used to for years. Nice little wall around the little island (not too big so we don’t get suspended of course), couple of rows of fences so nobody can climb in. But wait! That noise… Then some footsteps on the roof. HOW? All of a sudden it hit me, the crom damn ice bridges! Because of those idiotic things building defenses has come somewhat irrelevant. Not to mention the absolutely ridiculous bat glider i have yet to see and test. Completely brainless “improvements”. It is very obvious that the people who come up with these aren’t players themselves. No sensible Conaneer would add something like that to the game.


Probably the game designers wanted to shake up the game balance a bit. They want you to actively defend your base rather than sitting inside waiting for the PvP timer to worn off while the attackers try to overcome your anti climb stacks. Go outside and fight!


Good luck actively defending when a bat lands on your roof and summons a lighting spell that completely destroys your base.


Does the ice bridge has a limit heigh it can reach?

crom damn I’m stealing that

They obviously want us all living out of hidden chesticles.

Please everyone watch @SirDaveWolf’s Lightning Raid video. Not only is it awesome, but the comms between team members (in German) are polite, with good team action and fighting. And lightning. crom damn the lightning.


Okay, I have to write this now. (this will be off topic) :slight_smile:

First of all, thanks for the shoutout again and promotion of my video :smiley:

The communication, which is sadly only in German in this video, is extremely important in PvP fights, especially in higher level fights where the opponents are really good. Calls from one person (Owyn in this case) are helping to focus down enemies that did mistakes in fights or calls for regroups help out the teamplay incredibly. In high level Conan PvP, if you don’t follow calls, your group will lose against more organized teams.

It is important what and how you communicate. If you bloat out things like: “I hit that guy”, it does not help anyone. There needs to be one guy who does the calls and the others actually only talk when they need information for example where the current target is located exactly. Or if you got low on health you need to inform your team that you need support so they can help you out so you can heal up again.

I even got shat on by Owyn (constructive criticism!) after he saw the video, because I was doing my own thing in some parts of this raid. It did not matter much though because we were clearly better in individual skill than the other clan. And we also had storms…

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Not off-topic if we’re talking about how formidable y’all are. This is what you could be fighting, folks. It’s beautiful.

I thought you were deliberately doing a harass offensive, where one or two are both protecting the vault and chasing nakeds. How you all came together made it seem to the losing clan like a Zerg. Really masterful.

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So you have to put off ALL your real life cares and be tied to your computer/console for several hours a day. Very bad decision. If there are magic means for attacks there should be magic means for defence. Something like God bubbles or so.

Playing on a PvP server was a bad decision then :slight_smile:

Playing on PvE server without admins is still worse, with all this building spamming and fencing. That’s why I run my own dedicated server :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s the problem with the lightning spell, not with the idea of active defense. They will fix the spell rather soon, because currently it’s obviously OP

It’s called a warhammer!

I totally believe so myself.

Yup, no more of those ridiculous spikey iron looking boxes stuffed to the roof and flowing out the doors with everyone else’s mats and gear - let’s see what formulates now. :wink: Let’s see some of that lightning and god action! Unseat those hermit hoarders from their lives living under rocks… :wink:



Bases in PVP aren’t meant to last for ‘years’.


They most likely will

I just tested what I heard:

You can CANCEL a lightning storm with the darkness spell. That would be a counter.

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But how do you cancel it if you are not a sorcerer?

I guess always have a weapon ready in your base that gives full corruption and cloth pouches.

Just like you have repair/rebuilding materials ready for a raid.

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I do know this but it doesn’t change the fact that the lighting spell is doing way to much damage

I hope not. I think it’s perfect as is.

I would however like to see offline protection and a better way of resetting the decay timer.

Lightning that inflicts damage directly to the objects inside the base is not okay in any form. I would agree with a splash damage, or a fire starts if it hits a wooden structure or something. But lightning hitting through the multiple layers or ceiling is total bs

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