No negative side effects from armor and tool ugrade kits

As of right now, the armor and tool upgrade kits have quite a negative effect on durability or damage. It really feels bad to watch the durability go down so much from a damage upgrade kit. Because we are spending more resources on the weapon, I feel like there should be no negative side effects or at least make them a lot less . . . negative.

Weight reduction, in armor at least, means trimming off excess pieces. So there is less material on the armor, and it takes a hit to warmth/cold resistance (I think), and is less durable. Because there is less there.

As far as a durability hit from damage increase on weapons, I think that is meant to reflect that you are sharpening it to the point where the edge is thinner, and thus more brittle, so less durable.

I can see what they are going for, but honestly I’m with you. Just scrap the negative effects entirely.


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