No SA fix, no patch to fix lag/freeze in combat

Well… Another week and we are helpless here on South America… Still have infinite loading, the datacenter was not changed on PS4… There are no New patches to fix the stabiliy problems… We still have lag Spikes, stuttering when fight big creatures and NPCs… Lag/freezes when around players constructions… Hello funcom… We are still here waiting to play like our Fellows from the North…


We didnt want to but we will have to crush them, to see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentation of their women(refund).

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If they manage to love their product half as i Love the Conam name and ALL that comes with It, This game could be GOAT in MMO history.

For a moment i considered to buy me a decent PC Just to play this game… Becouse There, they dont have these gamebreaking issues, the game looks much more smoothier There.

Yeah… We need some fixes… I AM waiting… But i would love to know what is being looked by them NOW… Cuz i dont Care about thralls or end game right now… I Just wanna be able to play First, and smooth Second… Then we Will see the others problems