No Sorcery in Dungeons by Design?

Unintentional or buy design?

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For some, by design. I don’t think it should be suppressed in the silver mine though, lore wise that doesn’t make as much sense as the well of skelos blocking it


lol…of course. Here is a great new way to gather resources using magic. But you can’t use it in the main location of the only 2 spots available for a certain resource that is needed in large quantities for the pinnacle of sorcery knowledge (transport stone creation)

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Eh, that must be new. I could have sworn about a month ago I used the resource gathering spell in the Silver Mine.

Wasnt worth it though.

This feels like amputating a leg to fix a broken arm. If you don’t want people harvesting obscene amounts of stone with your utility spell, just remove some of the stone! Don’t get rid of new creative ways to interact with your dungeons.

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I used it several times in that mine and IMO it definitely was worth it. Saves quite a bit of time and wear and tear on the pick. Just wander around the mine, cast it a few times and load up your mount/follower with stone, coal and silver.

If you’re specifically only there to gather silver and nothing else, then yeah, probably better off just using a pick to collect it. But for general purpose gathering, it works great.

No idea why they would block that spell from working in dungeons and mines though. I can understand blocking things like lighting storms (because there’s no sky) and zombie fog (because the game probably spawns them in the walls instead of in the cave), but the resource gathering spell is ideal for caves and dungeons.

I agree with everything you said. You just get far more by using the pick. Trade off is time and durability. To each their own!

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