Sorc Resource farming OP

This seems like it will counter the productivity of not having such big bases or resources by allowing easier farming methods.

40k crystal with one spell?

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well farming crystals used to be more of a chore anyways, having to pick stuff up by hand. you could get quite a lot of crystals already by hand from just one cave, and 20k from a spell still isn’t average but one of the better spots for it as far as i know, but yeah its pretty good.
on the other hand the spell is pretty inefficient on anything else, meaning while you are faster you’ll get waaaay less ressources out of it. don’t think its op, though devs may want to look into cleaning up the inaccessible crystal clusters under the caves that are also harvested with the spell.

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is not OP it is only useful for crystals/black ice.
farming crystal always has been a pain for no reason.

honestly i don’t see it useful to any other resource apart from maybe some silver/stone/iron on certain locations.

and is not like is exactly easy to run directly to star metal as soon as you start a server.
you need to learn the recipe first.
is one of the few spells that actually do something.

Crystal and black ice is the most demand for builds and bomb making. It will offset balance that is already pertaining to attacking vs defending.

I think this spell should collect even more resources than it does now, but with a hard limit of 5k.

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I think the resources/minute playing makes this spell awesome, for those of us that have to balance various other things going on in rl, time is the most precious resource. If I can shave off 10 minutes but only have 50%node efficiency, it is usually worth it on the work week.

I understand rl but the ones that have no life would benefit greater.

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This form of farming existed before the update but very few realized it in this game!
Devs now making it visible to everyone! Giving so much farming power with sorcery will go away soon, still they made it op so people will choose sorcery for many reasons, but most of all choose sorcery!
Thank you however for uploading this information, I didn’t knew and this is priceless for me! There is way long time I stopped “playing” for hours with my tools, I use weapons for this reason and knowing that from now on sorcery will do better, I surely have more reasons to go sorcerer!
Enough with the tools already, thank you @Outcast3rd :blush:.

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no its NOT! we finally can skip farming sticks and rocks and concentrate at other aspects of the game…
about crystals and etc… i dunno maybe it is OP, and due to the raiding balance maybe need adjustment
BUT SPELL is totally ok for everything else…
stop forcing people to gather rubbish each day instead of playing actual game

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