No special food for thralls

Why should the thralls get better food than i eat myself?

They are slaves, I broke their will in the WoP and they only ate gruel for a long time. Why should I feed them with some exquisite food while I eat only the most basic one? I can not even cook high tier food.

To be honest, Being some kind of cannibal, I planned to feed all my thralls (and pets) with human meat or whatever i find on the corpses of my enemies. I never wanted to become a 5-star thrall restaurant.

Thralls should eat whatever can be eaten.

Also how will it be handeled if I go on vacation for one week or longer? Will my thralls starve to death?
And do thralls eat purifed flesh?


As it is, your thralls will die if you leave for a couple of days. Someone on Reddit did a quick estimate on observation.

Without taking food decay into account, keeping 20 thralls alive for one week will take over 900 stacks of food. That’s eight archers, eight fighters, and four dancers. Which is not an unreasonable amount of thralls, and doesn’t even touch pets.


Funny that thralls in a wheel of pain can eat everything while tamed thralls only eat specific food. And then only food that isn’t easy to acquire.
You get Exotic Flesh only from the hardest Creatures, Collecting Mushrooms take some time they don’t grow everywhere and exquisite Meat is kinda rare I only found it on Boars yet and even with a Cleaver i don’t get much.

Should make gruel the universal food for all thralls.
Just fill the pots with gruel and have it disappear Faster and give the good stuff to named only thralls and extend the time.

Use the cleaver on the kudos they are more common now and drop the exquisite meat.

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Kudos drop up to 10 pieces of exquisite meat and there is few of them.

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a restaurant can reach a maximum of three stars


Honestly, while I don’t mind having to feed one pet (nice feature to make a “ranger”), I really don’t like the feed-my-thralls feature even without having tested it (17GB is 20-24h continuous download here). I so look forward to install a “no-food-for-thralls” mod as soon as possible after the next release.

If think it would be possible if you could feed thralls with fish.

For Example:
You have 10 Fish traps. You loot all Fish traps every 24h. That makes
10 Traps x (5 Slots with 50 fish) 250 Fish (no matter which) = 2500 Fish every 24h

Then you need 6 Large Campfire to cook the all the fish simultaneously.

But After the Update the Fish traps need now Insects (5 Insects for 1 Unappetizing Fish, Shellfish traps: 1 Insect for 1 Unappetizing Shellfish). Well seems the traps are broken currently sometimes they don’t produce fish or shellfish and you can produce currently only one kind of fish/shellfish.

Would be maybe possible with fish. But after changing the fish traps you don’t have this option. :scream: :cold_sweat: :cry: :sob: :joy: :rofl: :dizzy_face:

That would be great with fish traps IF you could catch fish and keep them alive. You have to fill the traps with insects now and I think you need 8 insects per fish harvested AND you have to sit by the traps so you can collect fish otherwise you will be collecting putrid Meat. I put insects in traps come back in less than hour and had putrid meat in the few I could manage to put insects in. The other problem is there is nothing so far I have found to make Exotic or Lobster spawn In those traps to feed the Dancing thralls I had lost 6 so far due to lack of food or they poofed.

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It’s worse than that; the bait may be consumed w/o producing a fish. So it’s fueled and chance-driven now.

But After the Update the Fish traps need now Insects

What !? :scream:

I remember championing the idea of specific foods for raising pets to adulthood, but I never imagined them being used as an upkeep mechanic, and certainly never for thralls. That takes it immediately from “neat” to “utterly annoying.”

By god you thralls were broken on gruel and gruel is what you get!

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This game is already too much of an eating/drinking sim, especially if you live in the volcano. NOW, I have to feed pets, thralls, AND FISH (traps)? This will destroy the end game. I am the ONLY person left on my public server (PVE-C) from the week servers went live. I do my best to help newbies and facilitate people’s enjoyment of the game. I will no longer have time for this, should I continue playing, because I will have to spend all of my time gathering food for thralls.
I understand the need to kill off abandoned thralls. Tie it to the construct/base they are nearest to. When it goes away, they do to. Either that, or make it to where you don’t need thralls to defend a base.
I’m an educator. I invested a lot of time this summer in this game. Should I now have to spend all of my leisure time finding insects to feed fish to feed thralls (saying Funcom decides to ALLOW fish to feed thralls)??? I won’t do it.
Funcom should spend more time on generating high-level content that is engaging and interesting, and less time on generating tedium!

They’ve already updated Test Live to be far less grindy. Details here: Testlive Update (24.08.2018) - Pet system changes and additional fixes (No bugs required for fish, far less food needed to keep thralls alive, any food can be given to thralls etc.)

food has been changed, they eat steaks, roasted haunch, and feral-meat. So no special recips or cooking needed now.

I agree the amound is still bit hight.

The amounts don’t seem high at all. Right now, you can give a thrall 250 (5 stacks) uncooked human flesh and it’ll feed them for a week. 125 (5 stacks) putrid meat will feed them for half that. If anything, that’s too far in the other direction. I could maybe see Dogs of the Desert eating raw meat, but most thralls should not be eating things that would always give them food poisoning.

(I suppose they should probably eat Century Eggs, though. I mean, they carry the things around, so they must like them, and those don’t ALWAYS make you sick.)