No War-Torn Rhino DLC

You use regular rhinos and then you can pick between Purebred grey, killer grey, or savage grey rhino in your regular crafting inventory. The war torn rhino I believe is Siptah only. I can make it in Siptah but not Exiled Lands. The saddles for them are still a feat. Do you not have any of those showing in your crafting screen?

The recipe is there but locked even though I meet all requirements.
I should have the DLC on steam which unlocks it but it isn’t there.

Yes the DLC is not in the list but everything else is.
The DLC is only available during early access but it still is EA or at least that’s what it shows on steam.

Can I get some support here please?

Can you be more specific as to the problem? I’m not sure if you’re saying you can’t craft the wartorn rhino, or if it’s not even an option in your inventory.

I cannot craft it as I do not have the DLC in my steam library.

Oh, that’s bad. Have you reached out to Steam to see why your purchase is not showing in your library?

Yep was told I need to contact Funcom and by the look of previous forum posts from back at siptah launch, it was a problem that hasn’t been fixed.

most of us have access to our rhinos so it must have worked at some point :slight_smile:


Yes but if you look at the forum and reddit posts from the launch, there was a lot that had a problem with the dlc for the rhino not being added.

Sorry, I got nothing else for ya. If you purchased the DLC, yet Steam is not giving you access to nor the option to download it it, IMO, that’s a Steam issue. You’ve paid for the content but are prevented from accessingor downloading. IF you have the DLC in your library and can download it, then I’d reach out to FC by direct messaging their @Community.

Unfortunately it seems to be a fault with the war torn dlc not always being assigned to the siptah dlc.
I am going to try steam again because it seems Funcom don’t like to address support issues apart from on the forum.

@Community Can I get any sort of support with this?

That’s my 2 cents. If it’s a game bug of some sort then it won’t likely get addressed by FC until a patch is released.

For what it’s worth, as @Narelle said, many if not most of us have access to this crafting option.

If you have any other info that could help us help you troubleshoot I’m open to trying.

Maybe you can follow the questions here and provide the required information for the community managers to assist you further with this issue:

I did link you to a post where someone had the same problem after a hotfix that was supposed to fix the problem.

Unfortunately the solution seems to have been kept quiet or didn’t happen as no further posts were made.

I have already answered them questions the DLC isn’t in the steam library, it is a problem with the dlc not being distributed correctly, which is why I need some actual support from Funcom but after more than a week already I’m not sure I am going to get it.

To clarify again:
Complete Edition, store is United Kingdom.
DLC is not in the manage dlc panel on steam.

In all of your posts, you do not say WHERE you bought it the complete edition key.

3rd party vendors can and will sell older complete edition keys that DO NOT include what’s in the complete edition now.

The screenshot where you show a support ticket to Steam doesn’t make it clear that the actual expansion is in your game library (at least it doesn’t for me). So anyhoo, it might be good to clear that up.

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Hello @TwistedSD, we’ll reach out to you privately to request further information in order to be able to assist you with this matter.

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