No warning when destroying a glyph


of course its my own fault. (you may laugh now) I just destroyed an epic glyph by fusing the item it was in to a better one. Its not really a bug but perhaps the lack of a feature.

When you want to fuse an item with some xp in it into another you get a warning. fair enough. When you want to fuse a better quality item into another you get a warning. again, fantastic. But when the item you fuse contains a glyph yoou don’t get that warning. wouldn’t it be great to have a warning here too? Just asking. Or is it just me who ever had this problem? :slight_smile:

this is not a complaint to funcom because of what happened but more of a wish.


It would be a good place for one.

You may be able to petition to get your item back. worth a try.


I opened a petition, you’re right that I can at least try. And after posting and THEN reading forum found the sugestions thread where I’ll post it and see what happens. As I see a lot of things a lot bigger in there I’m not sure how much of a relevance it has but you can’t change anything if you don’t try so I’ll try :slight_smile: thanks for your support


There was a “once a month screw-up” policy in TSW. Accidentally deleted an item? They’d restore it. Don’t know if they have it still in SWL.


Some people have claimed to get (their own fault) items back like accidental vendoring, fusing, or whatever else.

My personal experience with TWO different GMs was “We don’t restore items under any circumstances.” In one of the two instances, I did just what the OP did. There was no warning on the Glyph fusion and I got it backwards. The second of the two instances was an item that disappeared without my knowledge of what happened. For all I know, the game just decided to eat the item of it’s own accord.

So my suggestion to the OP is to just continue to send in /petitions until they reach a GM who will restore the item since it seems like a roll of the dice whether or not they’ll restore it.


interesting. well, I’ll see what my first petition brings. thx


Have had several friends send in petitions for items they lost (their own fault). So far people have gotten their stuff back, although possibly not exactly how they lost it (i assume GMs can only confirm/recreate so much) For instance your Glyph might not come back at lvl 20 but lvl 1 epic.