Nodes are not Rendering in Coop

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In coop mode crafting nodes are not rendering for my friend. The server is ran through my xbox 1 I see everything just fine but the nodes will disappear for her. Also grass will show through all the buildings floors and wells.

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I have ran into the same issue. I host the coop server and my friend joins in on Xbox one. As we explore from the base after a certain distance resources stop rendering for him eventually this leads to him attacking and not damaging monsters. He has to log and log back in multiple times per scouting trip.

One other issue is on Xbox one combat down slopes is pretty buggy mainly with spiders and crocodiles we miss on a very consistent basis to the point we have to run downhill to try and fight them.

Also please add the ability to remove items from the hot bar easily with like X or something

Same thing happens with me and my brother when we play in co-op on Xbox One. I will see everything fine since I’m hosting the game but no resources will render for him. Hope this is fixed, since it happens with varying frequency and restarting the game is the only way to fix it, which becomes tiresome.