Resources Invisible

Game mode: [ Co-op]
Problem: [Bug | Performance ]
Region: [NZ]

I have been playing single/co-op with a couple of friend friends. One is hosting the game on their end. At least once I have found, some of the terrain resources will just stop rendering. The trees, rocks, and some shrubs, and all other environment will disappear for me.
The shrubs that do appear I am unable to walk through or interact with in any way( gather, hit etc)
The resources do not disappear for the host or the other player. As soon as the host strikes a resource with a tool, it will appear on my screen as visible.

This happened most noticeably around the Sahara type area in G7/8.
We found a partial cave system around H8 that separates the rocky area north of the Sahara type area from the greener pastures north of it. The cave system showed no rocks at all for me but I would keep running into them.
If I headed north into the greener pastures with the wolves and bears and elk then I had no trouble seeing or interacting with the materials there.

This issue may also be why my character would occasionally attempt to run but not get anywhere.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Happened in one game. Will attempt to recreate at a latter date.

Hello, thank you for taking the time to report this issue!

Could you please let us know if you’ve managed to replicate it?

Also, you’ve mentioned that it only occurred in one Co-op game session, did it ever happen when playing in Single Player or Online modes?

This issue has so far not appeared on single player (playing on either Xbox one X or original Xbox one)
Tried it on co-op last night and did not encounter the issue. The resources that were invisible on last play through were present and I could interact with them.
The host is running on and Xbox one S.
Last night we had four players total in the game and this issue did not occur.

(Floating bodies, emotes showing continuously, hits not registering, but the resources seemed fine :slight_smile: )

This has been happening to me and my friends no matter who is hosting on their Xbox. It normally takes an hour or more to happen and doesn’t seem to be locked down to any one location. Areas that were fine one day acts up later. Logging out of the game and then back in is a temporary fix.

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