Noob Zombie question


Just a few basic zombie questions I didn’t see on the wiki, if you please.

  1. Do you need a Shallow Grave per zombie or will one work for all of yours?

  2. Will the disappear when I log or will they just continue to decay & they will still be there when I log in the next session assuming their timer hasn’t run down?

  3. Can T4 NPC"s be used as every video I’ve watched has only shown T3’s?

Thank you

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Shallow grave has 20 slots, it will raise the top left one first and move to the right.

They will disappear when their timer runs out based on real world time and not affected by if you are online or offline. (3-4 days?)

Yes you can, this may or may not produce a better zombie than a tier 3 because of the random stats factor. For example, I threw a Varpnir in and got a 6000 HP zombie, I threw a Tier 3 black hand archer in and got a 8700 hp zombie, and I threw a Tier 3 black hand fighter and got a 4500 HP zombie. I think the videos just throw Tier 3’s in because they are easier to find and in my testing better than tier 1 and tier 2.


…actually, I think we’re on the same server…TL?

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No, you can use a single one and you can keep dragging thralls into it as all the slots are usable. Then when you need zombies you can just resurrect as many as you need.

This question is a tricky one… because it will depend on what kind of server you play on.

By default zombies die exactly after 48 hours of the server running since they were created.
If you’re in single player, every time you close the game the server isn’t running, so you’ll end up having zombies for a very long time potentially.

Here comes the even trickier part… like I pointed out, zombie lifespan is tied to the server runtime… however a lot of time the database entry to save this value in is missing from the servers (the old Server age 0 bug), so every time the server restarts… the runtime is reset.
Because of this, zombies will never die on servers that didn’t have this entry created and that restart at least once in 2 days.

There is also a server setting that can be adjusted from configuration files, which can alter their lifespan, so that again will depend on the server - though most server owners have no clue about any of this for the most part :stuck_out_tongue: so it’s rare that you’ll see it adjusted

Yes, here’s a list of the type of zombie you’d get depending on what you put in the shallow grave. This is their level 0 base version ofc, since they’re auto-leveled to 20 you’ll never actually see this version, but their stats will be based on these so you can objectively compare them


And, as far as I know, zombies are affected by thrall decay settings, so if your Single-Player has thrall decay off, the zombies will never rot. At least my original zombie dancer is still dancing her life away in my base, and I’m reasonably sure I’ve been playing for more than 48 hours since raising her.

  1. No. The grave is just a crafting station for zombies. You can raise all of your zombies in same grave.

  2. With normal decay settings Zombies last about 24 real-world hours before they crumple to dust, regardless whether you are online or not. They are intended to be temporary, to balance out their high stats and starting maximum level.

  3. Yes. You can make zombies out of any humans that you can capture. The unbroken, captured thralls are fuel for the shallow grave. The zombies stats seem to depend on what kind of thrall was used to create it. I personally try to use T3 warriors and archers mainly.


No they’re not :slight_smile: we just initially thought that since we couldn’t explain why on some PvE servers they last forever… it was their sever age 0 bug all along.
Zombies are set to die regardless of any setting or any mode whether it’s PvP, PvE thrall decay enabled or disabled…


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