[NOR]Merc HideoutPVE server 3harvest/1xEXP

So after a long break im trying again !.

< [NOR]Merc HideoutPVE >
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-Now With Mods
Basicly build kill have fun. NO PVP whatsoever. C’mon join me?

Hosted on a ThreadripperPC
From Krigzor

idk know about bumping rules, but ill give my post a bump.

plenty of space plenty of spots plenty of fun still :slight_smile: already got 4. 2 regulars one “atlas” know everything of exiles + me the noob server host :stuck_out_tongue:

still up, seeking more players. 4 regular including me. 3 norwegian ones including me and 1 american guy.

hi do you still have spots available me and my friend will join both american!

yeh. got spots. no password on the server tho. so just come join

Still got spots? First time I’m actually doing the Conan Online thing so Not really sure what to search to find your server. If so what should I type into the search engine in the game?

still got spots yeh, if you have discord ill help you :slight_smile: join https://discord.gg/8qKqtA

the link expired. hmm well here is a new one.
https://discord.gg/nXb5rpq wich does not expire.

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Im relaunching the server same IP same Name. join join join 5XP/5XHarvest, new description on top

The server is up again and is hosted on a Threadripper so much more stable and in need of new players

< [NOR]Merc HideoutPVE >
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also mods
-Bodysuits (some mod)

the server is stable compared to my old XEON server :). it has been recently wiped. due to a wish for fresh start. but no more wipes now

Server restart script (it will r estart twice a day 0800 and 1700 or 8am and 5pm a day, with warnings 15minutes prior), this due to memory leak.

Still i need of more People :stuck_out_tongue: just remember to enable mods when you search

We have set up map-rooms at most obelisks. Still room for more people, server is very good for builders :slight_smile:

still in need of players :slight_smile:

fast levels lots of mats to build lots of plots just remember to “check” the show server with mods.

so lately the server been Empty, and beacuse of that i have lost a little interest :slight_smile: but i hope to reinburse the server.

I have changed the game to 1xEXP (vanilla)
3x harvest. still three times more

I have added a new mod Named “Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh”
i hope this mod will give more depth to the gameplay. by giving endgame a little more.