[NOR]Mercs HideoutPVE-AoC - full conversion

Elf’s Orcs and all sorts of crazy stuff :smiley:

i recently started using the Kit system “/kit” from Pippi - Starter kits you can buy or materials used to Build for ingame Gold wich is earnt by Being online

to check out the mod check out The age of calamitous on Steam (Mod ID:- 1113901982)

if your interested in this full conversion and play with a few nice helpful people. join us at

The other mods are: Pippi - pickup+ - bodysuits 2018 - Better thralls

OH yeah i forgot PC server, with 4xHarvest 4xExperience


The server has 3 active players :). so plenty of room for more. its hosted on a Ryzen threadripper and has 32gb ram. also 500/500 mb/s

so it should handle more players. Join us :smiley: