North VS other biom


i just wanted to share a feeling about ressource sharing around the world.

In my opinion, the fact that the north NPC drop steel make the other biom “uselesss”.
if you are not in north to get steel it’s so “difficult”, you need iron, you need leather you need brimstone etc…

but if you build in north you juste have to kill any NPC to avoid all of this step, and that make you win so mutch time.

For exemple, sometime when i kill i can get 15 steel on one NPC.

I have the same feeling about T3 north building, so cheap vs old T3 building because of hardened brick.

with this tow fact, how can we go somewhere else to build, it make the other biom “useless”.

A suggestion could be to remove steel from loot table for north or add it to NPC in other biom.

i wanted to build in jungle but the fact that black ice is so far away and i can’t get steel on NPC is always leeding me to north


i reup this thread because i think it’s importante and i don’t know if funcom saw it

It’s true. I gather all of my steel from New Asagarth.

But the black ice doesn’t matter. You can get over 9,000 black ice in about 10 minutes. That’ll last you quite a while, you don’t need to be near the north for more.

New Asagarth, den of the dead, the skeletons in the northern black temple… The north settlements really are cushy.

It’s all about server PvP, and contesting limited resources.

You’re talking about getting all your steel from thrall camps. There are just 2 main ones in the North, and if you’re a hungry clan, you’ll want to run both of them constantly.

Now, only one clan can tap both of those camps. What happens when another hungry clan steps into the spawn rotation? What about when two or three new clans start to move in, and each wants a big take? Things start to get contested.

Sure, it’s harder to hunt animals for the tar and mine brimstone for steelfire, but if you’re able to make an industry capable of doing that, then you’ll be able to make your own steel without competing for those camps. Let the impoverished clans fight each other over scarcity, while you secretly build up your hoard elsewhere on the map.

Imagine you’re a server underdog, and the server alpha has already claimed both camps. They don’t like it when people sneak in to tap into their steel. You can either fight a much stronger foe and lose, or you can find another way to accomplish the same goal.

It’s only easier to farm those northern camps for steel if there isn’t enough contest over those camps.