Not clear about armors and weapons bonuses

On Livestream, the perks revamp part, nicole read a question about what happens with armor and weapons bonuses, the guys said was a good question and dennis said,

“a weapon wich gives you streght now, if you unnequip you no longer have that perk you reach before, so now if a weapon gives this bonus you literally do more damage instead up you strength atributte

Then, what about other perks like accuary? Are the reworked and give other bonuses? Do they give in this case more damage only with bow?

Or survival, your water and food drain slowly if you have something with survival bonus?

Dennis said this bonuses are simplified, easier to understand but im not so clear with it right now :face_with_spiral_eyes: bit confusing

In addition to my question, does the thralls atributtes isnt changed?

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Some of your questions were answered on the stream. Should be able to scroll to the section on Attributes and find some of the stuff you are looking for.


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