Not every heavy helmet needs horns/BUT we do need visible hair

Just a quick suggestion, because I just realized this. I was going through all the heavy armors that have Strength, Vitality, or Grit bonuses to find a heavy helmet to fit my attributes. Ive been using champions helmet and I like it but i always felt id like it more without horns. So i started looking at other helmets in the database that would at least be in the same ballpark of what im looking for… But most of them have horns or some huge ridiculous “appendage” on them. I just feel itd be cool for some more heavy helmets to be added that look cool like silent legion but without horns. Just a small wish.


EDIT: not to be dismissive or anything, I just couldn’t resist.

Im aware of this helmet. If you read my post, this is not what im talking about… I said something silent legion like, but without horns. Hyperborean, does not fit that description.

Its not my opinion. Most do have horns or something similar. And even if it was, thats why its the “suggestion” category. Its literally an entire category of people giving their opinions. My only opinion here is for some more sleeker armor. Again, like silent legion sans horns for an example reference.

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Nah, I get that - it’s just a joke I couldn’t help but make. Horns or no horns (or other accoutrements) - sleek armor designs are always welcome.

wear the pictish warchief helmet! no horns and nothing looks better that a bear scull on ur head!

The horse dlc gave them a perfect chance for closed visored no horned helmets but as usual they failed on that to like everything else

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I’d actually like an entire early classic medieval set.

Look at cimmerian steel

Heavy Leather Helmet

Heavy Plated Helmet

Or maybe the Godbreaker stuff.

You probably aren’t going to get the stats you want and the look you want which is why I usually wear the Executioner’s Hood.


Wait. Where are these two helmets at? I do use Cimmerian Steel sometimes. Really want a closed faced helmet

I know… I was very disappointed with the helmets for that DLC. Only ones in the whole game i like are Silent Legion, aquilonian vanilla and infantry. Idk, thinking about it, i want something moooore Ancient Mandalorian-esque. Im sure something in the lore can fit that

In General… thou bulky shoulder pads…bling… all that bugs hell out of me.
I like Normal Leathers and Clothes. But 99% of games… gotta go big or go home in the designs.

Can;t have simple adventures wear at end game for some reason, LOL

Never fan of horns, Thou I did enjoy Conan Helmet in movies.

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Purge armorers can make the heavy helmets. They don’t offer any stat bonuses, just armor.

Gotcha. Thanks! They look cool in the pic… Saw them on a character model, and they actually arent lol. I really hope we get better looking heavy helmets… With useful bonuses

For visual reference, there should be more heavy stuff like this before another horned heavy helmet is added.images (2)

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Or these
Uploading: aa82038f5752e356843195f1fa10d5ea.png…]()


Or especially these. I know you cant copy completely. But something close. We dont need anymore over the top horned helmets. They all look the same anyway.


I like this one so much, i just made it my profile pic lol

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Hair should come out of some helmets. Not disappear completely. Maybe some helmets can have “hair” attached to it that can be dyed? To give the illusion?

fantasy-stainless-full-womens-armor-set-5 da854e451425882aee9ee997381b72f0--fantasy-warrior-woman-warrior


This resembles what I feel Silent Legion would look like without horns

Without the cross of course