Do we need horns on everything?

Why is there horns on so many cosmetics. Like we’re getting to a point where we couldn’t even walk through doorways with these new helmets. I might be the only person but I feel like some of these new cosmetics would be good without them

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The horns on armour do not have physics. If you ever have issues walking through a door change your character’s height. So no, it won’t affect you going through doorways.

Horns have style, religious and social reasons for why they’re used and have been for thousands of years. It stands to reason that a game based on REH’s works, which are heavily influenced by humanity in a “sword and sorcery” type of setting would include horns.

Luckily you now have access to the thaumaturgy bench where you can simply change your armours’ look.


I never said they have physics. I’m saying they’re so large and in the way now that you realistically would not be able to walk through doors. Horns have use for religious purposes and for the rich to say “look how special I look”. Horns on actual helmets for combat isn’t going to happen. Also it doesn’t matter if I can use a bench to make the armor look like something else. The new tavern guard set is a new cosmetic, I promise I wouldn’t use it for it’s stats. All I’m saying is that the helmet would be better with no antlers strapped down to it for no other reason other than “horns look sick, let’s slap some on”

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Wait…in a game where I can run around in alligator skin, skull face masks, or silk PJs in a combat game, there is a call for realism about elk horns on heads?

I believe the point is everything newblately seems to have horns. It couldnt hurt to have a “trojan” style, spiked look, or hyena head etc.


You didn’t say anything in your comment. It’s an rpg. None of the things you listed are unrealistic for their in game purpose. I’m not calling for the removal of all horns from helmets because I personally don’t like it. All I’m saying is that some variety of style would be appreciated. Simple is sometimes better.

I agree with this. Not everything needs to be over the top or confined to one region

THAT! When I saw the subject of this thread, This is exactly the scene I thought of! looool Norsemen is so good xD

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Honestly, not even talking about the headgear, I’d use the Gurnakhi Mantle more if it didn’t have the huge horns around the collar and stuff. It’s a pretty cool looking chest piece otherwise.


Yes, it’s very limiting. Like the aesir chieftain outfit could be used for a lot of things if it didn’t have a cape

Because it’s Hyboria and barbarians did put bones and horns on everything.
You are aware that before Mac Donalds people had to make their things of stone or wood or animal parts?

No horns on actual combat helmets? Tell this to Teutonic Order Knights and other dudes of that era…

As we can see the bigger the horns the bigger the Chad who wears them :rofl:

Beside that people always wanted to show off and look cool, so they usedf horns, furs, bone, teeth and feathers. And some of these armors were designed to look scary and to intimidate enemies.

Well you don’t have the artistic license to direct the design so… tough ■■■■■■■ I guess?

The point I made is if you’re looking for realism, it ain’t gonna happen.

Anyway, if your biggest concern is horns as a design repetition you have not been paying attention.

Hmm my bazaar armor usually doesn’t have horns. Maybe you’re just too horny.

I hate to burst your bubble but they didn’t wear winged helmets outside of tournaments or heraldry. Even then I think those types of helmets would be cool in game. A lot of the helmets look too barbaric and primitive when you consider a lot of hyborian nations are described wearing plate and mail. Nemedian infantry typically wore morion helmets

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I don’t want realism, I want variety which includes more simple and plain designs. This isn’t just about horns, it’s about feeling like most designs are over the top. The new nemedian archer set is something I’m super excited for because the helmet looks perfectly simple for me

Fair. At the same time, there are MUCH more important things to be concerned with. Like the stability of the base game, fixing bugs, imbalances and issues that have plagued the game for years.

Rather than contributing to the success of ensuring the designers put out more horns or not.

I find this whole conversation laughable honestly. Not your fault but I think you’re a bit misguided - in the concern or the idea that you even have the slightest inclination to influence their design decisions.

I have a better chance of influencing what cosmetics they might make because they care more about making money than fixing the game

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Ah yeah you probably learned about medieval martial arts from one of these American/British history channels where facts get warped to push some political agenda.

They indeed did use horns on the helmets, that was great protection to deflect/reduce impact of any blows towards the head. Trust me you’d like to get hit in the horn intstead of the main helmet as it was.

Even in WW1 for example Prussian troops still used horned helmets, guess why? To deflects saber blows from cavalry charges.

It’s so silly when players who did not see the movies, did not read the novels, don’t know who Conan was, but come to the game attracted purely by nudity and complain about Hyborian reality.
Go back to playing Sims with “the mod” :joy: