Make Hair Great Again!

So far I have only found one craftable headpiece that doesn’t “remove” hair and that’s the vanir earrings.
It would be great if long hairstyles could have separate hairmodels for the helmets.
E.g. my ponytail should stick out of the helmet.


Lemurian Royal jewelry After beating the witchb!tch in the swungle also not messing too much with the hair.
Eyepatch from bucaneer bay.
earrings (bucaneer and zamoran dancer ones.

And even conan’s royal crown or whatever the name of that headdress.

so we have options. But still I like your idea of hair sticking out of more closed helmets.

And to be honest there aren’t that many hairstyles that need to be accounted for.
They probably remove the hair “model” with certain helmets and this change would require an additional model for “helmethair”.
I wouldn’t mind a bit of clipping either. E.g. the tail of hair colliding with the helmet model.

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Is that a mod?
I have the exact same hairstyle but to me there is no hair showing at all with the helmets. (except the ones I listed (and found so far)

No that’s photoshop. :wink:

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cheater :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

And I am blind AF… being a graphician and couldn’t spot it… :smiley:
Nice work tho.

Front end web dev here. :slight_smile:

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