Not Gaining Experience from Discoveries

Game mode: [Online | PvP]
Problem: Bug |
Region: Everywhere

Subject kind of sums it up. I don’t receive any experience from discovering locations. It’s been like this since the 2nd day after release. I’m level 44 and everyone else in my clan is level 60. Super frustrating. Do I need to reroll to fix?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Run to a discovery location.
2.Do not receive experience.

No, you actually have to play the game. Running naked from POI to POI to reach level 60 was the dumbest method of leveling up that got fixed a couple months ago.

Is this on official server or not?

fixed ? Not sure.

i don’t know the excat number but, if you reach a certain cap, dicovery give good exp at lvl 40+ in xp x1 setting

more you discover, more you get by discovery

From what I’ve seen, plenty of people are still getting exp from discoveries (myself included).
So I’m pretty sure OP is experiencing a bug; I’ve seen a couple other similar threads.

Yes, this is an official server. We had a new clan member play for the first time the other day… he has already caught up to me, simply by doing journeys and discoveries.

I definitely think I am bugged.

Dude, I have full T3 base, thousands of mats stored and have been grinding npc’s non-stop. I have definitely been playing the game.

Exploration of camps and such have been nerfed a lot in xp from Early Access. There are also added many more places.
The xp from journey may have a bigger impact on xp than discoveries.
By doing a lot of different things, you will level faster than people that do just a few repetitive things.

I don’t think you’re following. My clanmates are still gaining XP from discoveries. I am gaining 0. This isn’t a situation where gains are just ‘nerfed.’ I am receiving 0 xp.

Could you

  1. Verify integrity of game files
  2. Go to a known exploration spot, you have not discovered yet. Take a screenshot (or video) of xp.
  3. Discover the place. Take new screenshot of xp.
  4. Send us your game files: \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\

Will do when I get back from work this evening. Thank you!

Hey there, can you count how many POIs you have? You’re going to be amazed at the coincidence, but I too was locked at 44 for some time. Last night, after unlocking my #40 POI (I was languishing at level 44), I started getting a lot of XP. I went around most all the desert locations and swept them up, and within 1.5 hours (very busy server), I was up to 48.75.

My suspicion is if you pathfind (build and claim so that the tribe may flourish), you get jammed up on POI, and until you hit the “low bar” of 40 POI you won’t see any XP gains. It’s only happened once to me so far.

I’ll check this out too! Thank you for the feedback.