Not getting access to Jobe Luxury apartment

I recently bought access to the Jobe Luxury apartment, but I have not been able to access the various buildings in Jobe.

Does it take a while for access to be confirmed? Keep in mind I realize there is no key delivery, but the key should be given once access is purchased.

It may require logging out and back in, but it shouldn’t take any time beyond that. Since the mechanics can be a bit unexpected though, maybe this will help:

Like with apartments on Rubi-Ka, a key will spawn in your inventory when you enter a Jobe apartment for the first time. Make sure you’re not in a team. Once you have a Jobe apartment, you can delete the key if you want to move to another one. Make sure to take out your stuff first in that case. Maybe also have a look at the guide on AO-Universe to confirm you’re trying at the right locations?

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