(RESOLVED) Bought Jobe Luxury Apartments Key, didn't get it. Cash shop broken

Funcom Points were spent, confirmation was given, I was told it would arrive in my mail, never arrived in mail. I have nothing pending and nothing to claim, and definitely lost the points. My account is in good standing and I’ve made many purchases in the past few weeks. Obviously, I’m afraid to make more, now.

This seems like an extreme problem for revenue streams if the cash shop doesn’t work :frowning:

Check the claim items tab on the in-game store page, some items go directly there despite the “mail” message.

Yeah, I checked absolutely everything, including this. The vending machine ate my money and failed to dispense the candy.

No response to my in game petition or out of game support ticket so far. :frowning:

UPDATE: Apparently I had it all along. There was no key mailed to me, in spite of the store telling me to expect one. Buying these just quietly gives you access to a luxury apartment, and the key appears in your inventory when you enter a jobe real estate building.

Thanks to GM Rooibos for pointing this out to me.

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