Purchase funcom coins impossible

[Funcom] Re: I Tried to buy funcom points for 19,99 € yesterday but the transaction is still pending. Is there a problem. I used the services at the beginning o…

In addition to my first response, I have to tell you I was a bit hasty to tell it was fixed. In fact, my purchase for 2400 was purely and simply suppressed. I tried another purchase for 600 points wich is now also classified as pendant. I’m playing the game for several years now as my purchase account shows. I’m playing the game since 2014 and I never had such a problem

Hereby, I join several jpg. the first one shows the purchase of 23/4/2024 which has now been erased. The second one shows that my first purchase was erased and that my new demand is now pending. All the jpgs that are following show my purchases since 2015

I really don’t know what to do as my game time will be ending on may 26 of 2024. I searched my id number using your information but i did not find my id number sorry

Please help me or tell me what to do