Not letting us swap our thralls weapon mid combat is pretty annoying

I wanna ask one big question…….why not, why can’t we swap their weapons mid combat anymore, it just feels like another thing taken away from us for absolutely zero reason, it makes taming during purges annoying as hell now.

As much as i love Conan it’s small things taken away from us like this that makes me as i WHY

Mine are able to swap, wuut?

I recently encountered a T4 dude I wanted and my body guard was killing him. I held “E” to open my guy, shift-clicked on his only weapon to take it, and then shift clicked on a truncheon in my inventory to put it in his inventory. He fought with his fists for about 10 seconds and then started wailing on the T4 punk with the truncheon till he knocked him out. Good boy!

Or did you mean something else?

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