Not sure 6 potions of bestial memory are going to do any good for me :)

Killed a super-jackal today and whacked away to find what the title says. There were also 5 potions of natural learning. Obviously, in the wild, I let them expire within the 2 (?) minutes. Not a big issue, really, and I appreciated the 12 shadeblooms and a few alchemical bases :slight_smile:

Overall I am quite satisfied with the loot, and appreciate the effort that went into the update, but the loot table may need some massaging ?

Thanks for game !



Hey @Jim1

Did this jackal pinata appear during single player, private online or official server play?


@Ignasi i too did catch potions of bestial/natural memory from a npc/animal on unnamed city i thing remember or in asgarth… im dori :P, always playing at official server online pvp.

This is PVE, SP, in-home computer with no mods (my daughter was not in-game)

If you need more, please ask and I would be happy to provide.

(I only started a game on-line last night for the first time and was very pleased that it did not interfere with my SP games)



Hey @Jim1

Did you change any settings in your game or is it all as vanilla as possible?

Hi Ignasis,
My clan-mate also got quite a few 2minutes potions from a corrupted crocodile. We can’t remember if it was potion of natural learning or potion of bestial memory … but it was one or the other. We play on an official PvE server, oceanic zone.

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I got some off a boss turtle 6 on official pve c Ignasis in lowbie area

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Hi, @Ignasi

This was in a vanilla game with a few exceptions …
Altered DefaultGame.ini

I ‘think’ the latest full release changed the DefaultEngine.ini to
but cannot be sure since I had already done that.

I have one disabled mod named “Practical Things” since I do not know how to get rid of it in the list. Prior threads indicated it was no longer being supported.

I have modified server settings to suit my whims and will shortly DM you zipped copies of the Config and Saved folders, along with screenshots of each server settings tabs.

Did I miss anything that would help?

This is something that I can easily live with, just found it odd. As far as I am concerned, very low priority with respect to some of the issues I see on the boards, but am glad to help.

If there is something else, just holler :slight_smile:

Thanks for game


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Another super-jackal spawned and I was able to screenshot 8 Potions of Natural Learning. My harvesting is set to X4.0. I had time to empty my inventory prior to using a hardened steel cleaver, so this was everything that dropped from him.

Single player, local PC.



I have gotten bestial potions from the yeti as well and they all expire before I even reach my base. This is from an Official PVE-C server.

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