Potion of Bestial Memory does not deteriorate in the Horse's inventory

Online official
PC (PvE) Isle of Siptah
Official server #6058 PvE -g- portal.com
Rev # 272565/27820
No mods

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Knock out a Potion of Bestial Memory from one shard beasts
  2. Put the Potion of Bestial Memory in the Horse’s inventory
  3. Wait for the decay timer on Potion of Bestial
  4. Notice that Potion of Bestial does not disappear
  5. Move Potion of Bestial to the character’s inventory, see that the timer starts again from the beginning
  6. Put the Potion of Bestial Memory in the Horse’s inventory
  7. See that the Potion of Bestial decay timer is at 00.00 and so on ad infinitum, until Potion of Bestial is brought home to the refrigerator, so you can carry it through the entire map

This bug is also on

Online official
PC (PvE) Isle of Siptah
Public Test Server - EU - PvE-C - IsleOfSiptah
TestLive client (Rev # 275862/28102)
No mods

All items with timers do not tick down in animal inventories. You can use them for storage of many things, e.g. cubs, foals, timered potions, etc without fear.
Probably a bug, but a long-existing one, to the point where it’s more like ‘undocumented feature’ than anything else.

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Updated the topic, everyone would like an answer from the game developers.

Wasn’t this the (now fixed) exploit that people were using to store large numbers of god coins?

Personally, I’d rather they not fix this particular bug as it’s the only way I’m able to get my hands on these potions on Siptah. The game hasn’t blessed me with the recipe yet.


I don’t know anyone who got the Midnight Alchemist feat on Siptah. At this point, I’m assuming it’s just not available. The way everyone does it is to go farming those big ugly horned guys (forgot the name of the critter), until you get the Potion of Bestial Memory, and then you stash it in your horse’s inventory and bring it home to your freezer.

Without the “mobile fridge” effect, we’re all back to yellow lotus on Siptah and yet another QoL downgrade. But hey, I’ve got no skin in the game anymore. If I ever start playing again, it’s definitely not gonna be Siptah.



Unfortunately, there is no recipe for Potion of Bestial Memory on the Isle of Siptah. But I think the horse bug should be fixed.

It’s not only the horses , all pets inventory work this way , I beleive for Quality of Life purpose since they know from at least 2018 and with all the changes that the pet hunger system have had :

  • From having to be fed in order to keep em alive ( that applied to thralls also )
  • to the food put in their inventory was insta - consumed , and the pet/thrall would get the buff for the amount you put in , that added both the buffs the food gave to pet/thralls , and the pork bug situation
  • to the leveling system where food now stays shown in inventory , provides heal or buff AND the addittional % bonus to one or more of the pets/thralls stats

yet they never aknowledged this particular behaviour was unintended !
So people ( and me ) just presume it is Working as intended.

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Why? I’m honestly curious, and I’d like to understand the concrete negative impact it’s supposed to have on gameplay.


I should have read all the way to the bottom of the thread.

never say never XD

Because you are in a better position than a newcomer to Conan Exiles who does not know this bug, that is, you are using exploit - an undocumented by the developers ability to bypass the game’s vulnerability using a horse to transport Potion of Bestial Memory. I am for justice and equal rights between the players, whether he knows about the bug or not.

You are also in a better position than a newcomer who doesn’t know to put their wheel of pain or animal pen on foundations. You are in a better position than a newcomer who doesn’t know how to smelt hardened steel. You’re in a better position that a newcomer who doesn’t know the best way to build a base to defend it from raids.

All of these are things that players have to discover. The game doesn’t teach them these things. They learn them from other players or discover them on their own.

Funcom can confirm whether this is a bug or something they did on purpose. What I was asking is what is the concrete negative impact on gameplay. As in, why will the game be better if they remove this?


You have given very naive examples that are not at all relevant to this case.

The developers set the decay timer for 2 minutes for some purpose, the person who translates the potion in the horse’s belly bypasses this limitation by increasing the decay timer, which was not provided for by the game. One person will bring home the potion, the other, not knowing the bug, will lose it forever, is this fair game?

None. Taking into consideration you find these on Siptah on 1 skull bosses and have to run it back to your base to store it in a fridge…only for it to expire 1 min into your trip is absurd. It should surely not expire in a beast’s inventory (pun intended). Otherwise, what’s the point?

So yeah, leave it be for sure.


Why are they not relevant? This is a serious question. All of my examples were things that the game does not teach the players, and yet not knowing them will put those players at a disadvantage in a competitive context. So what makes this particular thing different?

I suspect that your opinion is “because it’s a bug”. And that’s understandable, but you’re missing the point of my question. What I’m asking you is: given the two options of fixing this bug or declaring it a feature, why should Funcom choose the former over the latter?

We could debate why they did that and what they thought they accomplished vs what they actually accomplished. It’s a very interesting question and it ties into what I said above.

I agree, but that could be solved separately. If they decide that the “mobile fridge” is a bug that has to be fixed, they could make the Midnight Alchemist feat available on Siptah, and everyone’s happy.

Personally, what I think will happen is that they will be forced to fix this bug now that there’s so much discussion about it and that they won’t add Midnight Alchemist to Siptah, and everyone ends up being unhappy, but that’s just my own pessimism.


The decay timer is set for 2 minutes, if there is a way to reset the counter, this is already bypassing the logic of the game - exploit the vulnerability in the software.

I mean, the question was right there, in the text you quoted, but maybe it wasn’t clear enough, so I’ll try to make it clearer.

You reported a bug about certain behavior in the game. Funcom has (at least) two options when it comes to addressing this:

  1. Acknowledge it as a bug and fix it, so it doesn’t work that way anymore.
  2. Acknowledge the behavior and decide to keep it, i.e. turn it into a feature.

The question I’m asking is: why do you think that option 1 is preferable to option 2?

Because the Horse is not a portable refrigerator bag. And as far as I know, such bags are not provided in the game.

I give up. I keep asking “why would X be bad” and you keep answering “because X is bad”. :man_shrugging:

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