Why in the world is this game so broken?

I don’t get what goes on with this game. Friday night you do a dungeon with mostly no problem. (bugs or glitches). Saturday afternoon you do it solo and can’t hardly get through the freaking thing because your thrall is non-responsive or getting stuck in the terrain constantly. Like literally 3-5 times per run getting stuck on a rock the side of your in game foot, or getting stuck standing against a tree, etc. Run way out of his range and he doesn’t teleport. Log out, log back in, set him to follow, run out of range to the end of the dungeon and he doesn’t teleport to you like he should. Go back, try one last desperate attempt to get him unstuck, doesn’t work, run towards the end of the dungeon to just say screw it and he teleports to you at half the distance you had previously gone when he didn’t teleport.

Literally NOTHING about this game is consistent. NOTHING. Nothing about this game is dependable. Not what attacks interrupt your attacks, not what your thrall will attack, not what he’ll do when you give him a command, not how your horse will turn, not how long something will take to cook, NOTHING about this game functions at even remotely 100% consistency. Not even the simple stuff.

And the saddest/weirdest thing is it doesn’t require an update to go bonkers. It doesn’t require any changes what so ever. No update, no server restart, no updated to a mod, no mod period, NOTHING. Stuff just goes random bonkers out of no where for no reason.

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I’m not getting this part, what?

Haha. It was just a comment about how something affects mounts. I’ll stop sprinting on my mount and it’ll continue to drain like 10% of my stamina right off the bar enough I’m walking. Also, turning the horses correctly is a trick of turning both the movement and the direction you’re looking. Sometimes it’s like the look portion lags behind the movement portion of it though and the horse doesn’t turn as sharply as it usually does.

Basically it’s just a comment about how nothing in this game is dependable.

This sounds like you played the Dungeon right after a server restart on Friday, and by Saturday it hadn’t been restarted yet.

The older a server is the more often it needs to restart. The more populated a server it is, it also needs to be restarted more often.

A new server with a low population and no mods can go 6-7 days.
A new server with mods can get 5-6 days.
An older server (over 200 days) with mods but low population can go 4-5 days.
An older server with mods and medium (20-40) population can go 2-3 days.
High population servers (40+) need daily restarts.
Really old servers (300 days) need nearly daily restarts.

And eventually a server will require multiple restarts a day. Private servers usually wipe at this point.

Official servers are at 900+ days. They need daily restarts. Some of the busier ones need more than that.


@Taemien ,When you know ,you know :+1: .It explains a lot thank you . If I could add something here is that every Saturday my internet , though I have fiber connection , is freaking me out . Since carantine started Saturday nights are almost internet nights so the line is very beasy , so my gaming experience sucks .

The work around is to craft one then one more, then hit all.
Yes, I realize its still an annoying bug, but its far from game breaking.
What’s really annoying AND lag causing is all of the pet/NPC spam that wont go away after someones base decays and you haven’t seen them on in a month. This should be a priority fix. They need to make the thralls and pets disappear when the base does.

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Most of the time -on ALL crafting benches, not just flask making- I can’t even click on the craft all button, it does not register my command. @JJDancer s advice to click on one and again and then click to craft all always helps.

For me the most annoying thing now is the slaves can’t lift their legs up even 5 centimeters so they got stuck on a single piece of grass and won’t teleport unless I admin teleport somewhere and back.


I am seeing this a lot more. That’s why I forgo doing dungeons these days.
I port in, ready for blood and mayhem and my thrall is . . .


Do those work on pets as well as NPCs? Because I have a very nice Tavern build out of the way and someone moved in, built on top of me, then quit, and their base is gone but the annoying pet/thrall spam persists. So unless they are just popping in for a minute, they dont play anymore.

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This is just rediculous. This is what causes server poor performance.


Is that a super thrall or a suicidal one?

Well, also what I notice is that the most utilized and beloved design is the vertical fundament spam. Most people have the design skill of a bulldozer. And 1000 flickering torches. +100 thralls. FPS lays on the floor if you come closer. And people love to build near npc villages. New Asagarth is on official servers normally a MegaCity with so many playertowns and wheels of pain that you better not enter it cause every citizen warps like sh*it. Basically off. servers aren’t playable. Only good administrated private servers. Still this games bugs are ridiculous at the moment. Hope 2.3 really fix some stuff.


Wow, just wow. I put 10 spiked fences down last night and ALL of the pet/thrall spam is gone today.
Thank you


No they do not.

Well it’s on my private server. Only me and like 3 or 4 other people play and it resets every morning at 4 am.

They are SUPPOSED to. But they don’t. I’ve had my own thralls on official last over a month after my building(s) was gone.

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Tried this, didn’t work.

Sometimes they do decay after 14 days, sometimes they persist longer…just another bug…1 0f 10,000.

Dude, all games from Funcom are broken and with glitches. They can’t do normal games.

will never change