Potion of Bestial Memory does not deteriorate in the Horse's inventory

Do you know that yellow lotus potion exists , does the same thing as bestial memory , the only difference is going through the hassle each time of clicking on all the feats again …

Bestial memory potion is a Quality of life feature , the fact that the horse inventory works as a fridge ( and as I said earlier , but you decided to not aknowledge my post , it’s not only the horse inventory but all pets inventory that works this way ) is also for the food you feed them ( so that it doesn’t decay while you trying to level them ect… ) wich is a Quality of life feature .

if you think it’s an unfair advantage to be able to get back with a bestial memory potion where anyone can craft easily anywhere they placed a firebowl cauldron a yellow lotus potion , is Zeal my friend … and honestly you should reconsider why you think option 1 is better since it would bring a lot of pain in terms of food in pets inventory decaying so fast that it becomes a chore as it was when we had to feed them 24/7 …

You don’t have the slightest idea why this is, do you?


I used to hide avatars on pets so noone can see when my avatar is outside their base!!

On 6457 are some guys who already got Midnight Alchemist recipe, so it exisist. But speaking about horses and their inventory timer reset bug I truly think it should be reworked atleast regarding to the placing at their inventory the things like Heart of the Hero, religious teaching items, some other valuable things which could be consumable and which horse just consume and player is losing them. Most of newcomers don’t even know about that bug and it should be reworked for sure.

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Updated the topic, still waiting for a response from the developers

Enjoy the wait…

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