Not sure if the developers have ever actually played their own game before or not

I don’t mean to be rude, but my god i am tilted. Please allow me to explain.

So i came back to this game after not playing for a year and a half. I’ve got about 1000 hours in it, all on official pvp servers. I was excited to be in the atmosphere of this game again, and socialize with the pretty populated server.

I don’t know where to start with the changes that are not only just bad, but bad for the game and everyone involved. I guess i’ll start with what seems the most offensive to me right now.

You made it so that the names of the people online can no longer be seen unless they type in chat. This is awful, and I can only assume you didn’t think of this because you’ve never actually played on an official server like one of us. There are people that will change their entire steam name, picture, and profile to match another person in order to impersonate them, usually to incriminate them with the server. In my case, i had been on a server for two days and a group had been banned for cheating 3 weeks prior. They came back on my 2nd day on the server and the clan leader and i got into an argument in global chat. Within an hour of this group being back, they had one of their members impersonate my profile name to put my name on an undermeshed base. This probably won’t result in me being banned, but it will result in the entire server believing i cheated. If only there was a way to prove that i was being impersonated, right? Well there isn’t anymore, because you can’t see the names of people. Battle metrics can’t show you the names of people bc you guys don’t allow player lists. And steam’s “current game” list doesn’t work either, for likely the same reason. This impersonation nonsense use to happen all the time, but it was easy to prove someone’s innocence because there were multiple of them in the player list. No longer the case.

Second point of frustration: the gimped roll dodge mechanic. Initially i actually liked this change, because previously pvp was a nightmare because it was hard to land a hit on someone with high stamina. But i realized that the long roll dodge was a bandaid fix for the AWFUL knockdown mechanics that mobs (and players) have. A rocknose can sit there infinitely knocking you down because you cannot roll away from it like before. There NEEDS to be knockdown immunity for a short period of time (3-5 seconds maybe) after you get knocked down the 1st time. Being chain-knocked over until death is not only frustrating, it’s poor design.

Also, the rot branch world boss. So frustrating, because you HAVE to let him get close to you in order for him to do an attack. This is how you create an opening to attack him. However, he has an attack that, if you are in range (which you MUST be in range to make him do anything, remember) comes out too instantly to avoid. The quick slap that causes sunder. There is no avoiding that attack if you are range of it, and you have to be in range of it in order to create openings to fight this thing.

Also, getting stuck inside of mobs. Like, why? You purposefully place 9 rocknoses within a 20 meter area and then if they get to you, you become stuck inside them all (getting knocked down infinitely lmao) and die. Same with some of the area with absurd amount of wolves in a close area.

Last point of frustration, all of the separate benches that perform the same functions the old benches did. Why can’t dyes & potions remain in the cauldron? It makes so much sense for them to be in the cauldron. Why can’t we strip hides at an armorer’s bench anymore? That really needs its own bench?

All in all, the new systems seem so unnecessary and un-asked for, meanwhile so many of the glitches and bugs remain from years ago, and the bandaid mechanics we used to use to avoid them have all but been removed. For 3 days, this game was nothing but insufferable and frustrating. And the cherry on top is that the grind is twice as long now. Half the harvest from before. It just doesn’t feel good to play this game like it use to.

I doubt anyone read this far. If you did, you’re a legend.


men ■■■■■■■ dont give a ■■■ for the game

Wow. I’m a legend. I also wish I had good answers for you.

How much Agility are you running? The more agility you have, the quicker the recovery from a roll dodge and the queued attack if you attack while dodging.

I see you hate those new rocknose’s attacks as much as I do. I absolutely hate fighting on horse’s back and finally started doing it JUST to avoid their knock down attack.

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I can add a few things. What really annoys me right now is purges on the Exiled map.

  1. The purge mobs chain heavy attack on heavy attack and especially in the Northern part take away easily 40% of your health on hit while in heavy armor. Yes, huge clans may enjoy this, but as a small clan it’s just annoying because with the new dodge and even high agility you can’t avoid getting hit.
  2. Pets are still terrible bad even when leveled to 20 and rare versions.
  3. horses don’t walk away or getting stuck while being attacked.
  4. the player stats are still so inferior to even cimmerian level 3 npc. My own thralls can basically one shot me while I need 5-10 hits for a normal wolf or bear
  5. archers on purges are the most annoying stuff now. If there is water near your base they backpaddle into this water until they can’t get attacked. as soon as you move away a bit they start shooting arrows at you again while your character puts the weapons way because he has to swim.
  6. Purges still spawn inside your buildings, even inside small ones or worse on the roof of your building.

We lost two days of work today because a Cimmerian purge spawned inside a 5x7 building while we fought another wave outside

All these things are known or in the game for years now, but still you manage not to fix them and make new issues instead - like changing stamina and swimming archer npc


*pro tip: apply reaper poison on a hatchet/pick and smack them! (I too hate when they mireceously go to swim in a middle of a purge)

Regarding your complaint that you can not track steam profiles over the player list :man_facepalming:

This is exactly the reason why I see tools such as the player list as a huge problem. 1. If all players where shown on that list, it is nothing better than the perfect offline raiding gimmick. 2. I don’t want to get tracked on steam and eventually social media profiles by people I had an argument with over Conan Exiles…

You can not imagine the extend of effort that people put into harassing other players over ingame quarrels. There have been cases of people who got followed to other servers and got constantly harrassed in allchat. I am personally also strictly against tools such as the event log. Tracking who did what on a server and who is online should be strictly limited to administrative work and not open for other players to seek retaliation or expose other players on reddit or discord.

And that being said I do not see how tracking other players would help specifically against hackers. You can still report cheaters to funcom and for that you do not have to know their steam IDs and funcoms developers are certainly not responsible for your reputation.


Javelins are better. (Dragonbone javelin)

But only PvP players know this.

How do you report a cheater when you can’t click on their profile in anyway?

I agree. I have never been a fan of the player list. It used to just show your in game name, now it does everything but give out your phone number. And I am sure there is a hack out there that people use to see who’s listed in PVP.

Imo the dynamic building damage system is a better solution to offlining (if it worked lol)

And it’s funny, cos PS4 doesn’t really have those harassment issues. Difference is PS4 don’t have ingame chat, only PS messages and Sony have very active and strict admining of that.

I was going to write a similar post just a few days ago.

To me everything just feels like a messy layer of half fixes instead of strongly designed and interconnected systems. Combat is janky. NPC attacks are difficult to avoid. Combos are hard to dodge cancel out of which would have been a help. NPCs don’t telegraph when they have hyper armor which leads to trading shots all the time. Tons of creatures stun lock you or close enough. Multiple attacks make this a nightmare. Three NPCs will trap you with collision (dear god I’ve died so much this sway). Enemy collision is janky and certain attacks are hard to land. Vice Versa, some enemies can hardly hit you, and on an on.

When I fight a creature I just know I’m going to get hit multiple times unless I’m considerably stronger and the fight is fast. That just feels sloppy to me. There isn’t a clear, consistent way, to evade, riposte and repeat. So instead of designing something tight and clearly signposted, they’ve just tweaked all the health, damage, armor and healing so you can normally walk away from a battle victorious. The end result just feels sloppy because of it.

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