Unhide names please

Please unhide names on official servers. It keeps people from talking so they never team up with anyone or meet new people in the game. Almost makes it like solo play with no alternatives.

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Over 4300 hours since day 1 ea launch and almost everyone I’ve played with has quit or plays occasionally after new patches. With hidden names I cant even find new people to play with that play the way I do.

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Sorry to break it down to you but funcom does not care about what the majority of the players want. We had alot of discussions about the playerlist, around 70% of the players commenting and voting have been against it and listed a million reasons why it is just nonsense to have that feature turned off but it is still the way it is and it probably won’t be changed.


Thanks for letting me know therryy, I wasn’t on the forums at that time.

maybe this feature can be set as the user’s own setting. option to hide / show yourself from user list if you want


Hackers use it to keep from getting reported for undermeshing and other things, that’s about the only use for it.


Why did they do it then? If i am not mistaken was to protect players from harassment and persecution

It was possible to follow anyone anywhere, any game, any server, see any time they were playng any game, and now, it is not

4300+ hours and I’ve never seen or heard of someone doing that.

It’s true.

That would be awesome.

I haven’t seen that myself, but I’ve seen people on forums claim they’ve been harassed and doxxed. I have no reason to think they’re lying.

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i mean they messed up thousands of people to solve one or two issues that would happen occasionaly. Not the smartest way, is it?

You could literally apply the same argument to the COVID-related lockdowns. And if you think the comparison is unfair, I’ll remind you that we’re talking about people who were doxxed and threatened in real life.

Sometimes the majority has to pay the price to protect the minority from grave enough threats.


There are times that i feel that it is so unfair to play this game on console, because in pc you have so much options. Still, when i read about hackers i feel good. It is a double blade here, so even if i don’t have the options of the pc, knowing that hacks are rare on ps4, i feel safe here. I hope you didn’t have hacks, they destroy the essence of the game.

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One of the best updates by FAR, i am solo player on official PvP server. I like this update alot.


Another sucky thing PvEers have to put up with. We are not ninja killers who camp for hours in hiding to raise the ole leader board.
We all frolic about helping one another, cant help anyone if you dont know they are there.

This is one of those times when I’m not sure if someone on the internet is being sarcastic or oblivious…

Just in case that wasn’t a joke, there are countless ways to troll and grief people on PVE servers. And the people who enjoy doing that crap can be sadistic enough to follow their victims to another server.

Plus, being doxxed is a really ugly problem that has nothing to do with which game mode you play.

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@Bugkyou as far as i know one of the main reasons it was done was to prevent offline raiding. But that should only apply to the player list

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